What Is The Best CFM For A Range Hood With A Comprehensive Guide 2022

Looking at the trending queries which arise on the internet “what is the best CFM for a range hood”, do you want to know how much CFM you need for your range hood?

Don’t worry you are here at the right place, here we discussed what is the best CFM for a range hood, why a CFM needed, and how they are calculated including the kitchen size, range hood width, ductwork length, and total output.

what is the best CFM for a range hood

A CFM stand for cubic feet per minute, it is the measurement that describes the volume of the air, measured in cubic feet, a fan can move in one minute.

Usually, a CFM is associated with exhaust fans, which execute at a few hundred cubic feet per minute. Professional quality fans such as range hoods can move up to 2000+ CFM of air, and the commercial hoods reach up to 5000+ CFM.

The hood ventilation power range is measured in CFM per cubic foot per minute. Cubic feet per minute is how many cubic feet of air are emitted by various hoods at full speed per minute. If the CFM is high, then the hood will vent out more air in the kitchen.

To power your range hood, you should have a minimum of 100 CFM for every 10,000 BTU of your stovetop. It’s important for you to consider these factors when buying a range hood to escape proceedings.

Range hood comes with various features that enhance our lifestyle. A range hood with a high CFM has a powerful blower fan, which is noisier than a range hood with a low CFM.

What is the best CFM for a range hood? (Buyer & Guide)

Amount of Ventilation Needed

Before selecting the power of your range hood, it is essential to check the ventilation & the size of the hood. It depends on the size of the strove, so choose that hood that is increased at least two inches wider than the strove.

Generally, range hoods are measured by the fair amount that they are enough to extract from a certain place, which is measured in cubic feet per minute.

Fan Size and Quality

The fan of the hood should be moved at least 100 CFM of air for every 12” width of the strove, it means that if you have a stove that is 30” vast then you’ll need a range hood with a fan that rotates and give at least 250 CFM.

Range Hood Noise

A good range hood is that which gives enough airflow to ventilate the kitchen with less time and the amount of noise is rare. It depends on the size, when you choose a big range hood, it has a powerful fan to decrease the amount of noise level.

When you turn it on, you consider installing a powerful fan with variable speed to control. All the features are to deliver better performance without being too noisy. A quiet & good fan has a rating which is 65 decibels.

Range Hood Complexity

When you insert a range hood, it removes the smoke and odor from the kitchen, but make-up air has to enter from somewhere. It can be circulated via a filter or outside the air from your HVAC intake system.

You need that range hood that gives at least 300 CFM or more then, it contains a make-up air system that can be expensive to install & operate. In short, we recommend you install a range hood as per your needs in order to get the best value & functionality.

What is the best CFM for a range hood & how to calculate it for your home?

The total BTU of your cooktop by adding the BTU of each burner & divide then by 100, you can get the actual CFM. So if your range hood produces of total 60,000 BTUs, then your range hood creates at least 600 CFM.

But the ideal CFM is from 200-to-300 square feet, 3000-to-4000 CFM for a standard kitchen, from 300-to-400 square feet, 4000-to-6000 CFM for a master bedroom or living room, or over the 450 square feet 5000-to-9000 CFM.

To calculate the CFM is:

The mathematical formula goes a long way when you consider the air to improve the ventilation power is:

CFM (cubic feet per minute) = FPM (feet per minute) * area

To find the cubic feet per minute substitute the FPM value with the area after the area is square.


The most essential part for the kitchen is a range hood with high CFM (cubic feet per minute), and you must have a habit to check before buying the range hood. It not only removes the bacteria that are grown in your kitchen, but it also decreased the efficiency of the harmful air.

We explained above already from every angle what is the best CFM for a range hood, so be careful to read before buying. It cleans your kitchen to create a healthy environment for you.

The minimum CFM that you need is 10,000 BTU for your stovetop, it’s much important for you to consider the factors when buying a range hood to escape proceedings. We recommend you choose that hood that can provide at least 200+ CFM.