What Is Sones Rating For Range Hood And How Does It Affect The Quality Of A Range Hood?

Do you know what is sones rating for range hood? Don’t worry. You come here to the right place. Here we discuss and explain what is sones rating for range hood.

Sone is the unit used to measure the loudness of a range hood kitchen and its ventilation fan. It is essential and helpful for homeowners to know what range hood they should want to get.

Individually everybody wants to go for a range hood that is too low in its sound and maintain its kitchen. This article gives information about the importance of a sone and evaluates a range hood’s quality.

A quiet hood can create a friendly atmosphere and conversational gathering as everyone enjoys cooking from the stove. Hosts are embarrassed when the range hood creates noise and makes unpleasant gatherings during a conversation.

Typically, a range hood produces between three-to-seven sone of sound. We researched and found a few range hoods that make at least amount of noise.

what is sones rating for range hood?

What Is a Sone?

As aforementioned, a sone is a unit measuring the loudness of the range hood. One sone is equal to the loudness of 1,000 Hz with a sound level of 40 decibels about the average reference level.  A sound louder than four gold is usually four times louder than a standard reference level.

How Many Sones is Quiet 

Typically the number of sones emitted and depending on whether or not you have your fan turned up to capture the smoke and other toxic odors coming from your range, or you have to turn it down after cooking up a hearty meal.

What Is Sones Rating For Range Hood And How Does It Affect The Quality Of A Range Hood

Usually, a conversation is about nine sones, and a lawnmower is nearly 90. So, 3.4 sones are expected, especially for a professional range hood that comes with all the goodies. 

It has features such as a self-cleaning steam hood. The powerful ventilation system Huslane is known for ensures a nice-smelling kitchen free from easily adjustable carcinogens. It sleeks a button design that makes it easy to clean the control panel until push button models.

Why Sone Levels Matter

Sone levels are the most important because they enable you to make a proper decision when purchasing a range hood. Many homeowners look at the factors such as power, but they forget to check the loudness of the range hood they would like to purchase.

This is a big mistake because when you have the extractor fan hood too high, you’re tempted not to turn it on, and that makes the point of having a range hood down. When you buy a hood range, you should consider one between 1-and 3 gold.

Other Factors that Affect the Quietness of a Range Hood

Apart from sone, you need to consider other elements when purchasing a quality range hood. This part of the article looks at other factors that affect the quietness of a range hood.

Type of Installation

Keep in mind the installation does affect its level of quietness. Before buying a range hood, you need to check the installation requirements and is it compatible with your kitchen or not?

The Common installation types include an island, wall mount, and under cabinet. These range hoods offer different results in terms of noise. Therefore, it is essential to have your hood installed by any experts to advise on the best range hood to get.


CFM stands for Cubic feet per minute, and it shows the amount of air that can move through the system. The CFM of a range hood offers the hood’s rate to circulate the air or remove it outside the system.

Therefore, the higher CFM of a range hood, the more air is moved through the system. CFM levels almost go together with noise levels because more power makes the range hood produce more sound when in operation.


Usually, a range hood comes with filters that help filter the air. These filters come in different materials & designs. In addition to this, every filter is unique and will hence have different noise levels.


If you choose a more extensive range hood, it is likely to produce more sound. Therefore, if you get a larger hood, you should first check the height of the hose and make sure it is at your desired height. When buying a range hood, you need to be very careful about its size because it depends highly on the available kitchen space.

Additional Features

Adding extra features to your range hood can make it smarter and more powerful, which makes it louder when turned on. A range hood can come with additional LED lights, sensors, automatic shut-off, and a timer.

All these features improve your kitchen experience. Selecting a good and quiet range hood is not all about the sones levels, but other settings like low and high settings control the fan.

A sone is a measuring unit of a sound. In this context, a sone is used as a unit of measurement to measure the sound of a range hood produced.

Having this comprehension of the measurement unit is essential because it is helpful for a homeowner to make an informed decision when purchasing a range hood. You do not want to buy a range hood, only not to use it because it is too loud.

If you are looking for a quiet range hood, keep in mind and look & check all the above features before buying it. They are helpful to possess the needed you to make a wise decisions as a professional.

Final Thoughts What is sones rating for range hood

Now we come to the summary about what is sones rating for range hood?  

The overall choice for the consumer is of excellent functionality & affordability, but the Cosmo 5MU30 is the best compared to others because it emits about seven sones during operation.

Another one is Broan Nu-Tone Range Hood at 1.5 sones, it is the most affordable and quiet but is not costly compared to others, and it offers similar functionality, and it’s perfect for people on a tight budget.

If you want a more professional range hood that is high in speed setting and executes on high sones. Then the Hauslane Chef Series Range Hood is best for heavy ventilation. Because it executes between 1.5-to-3.5 sones, it depends on how high the setting has been switched on.

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