How To Replace Cooker Hood Grease Filters In A Few Easy Steps

If you do a lot of cooking, and your cooking style includes a lot of spicy or greasy foods, then the question arises that how to replace cooker hood grease filters. It is a good idea to change the filter every three months.

how to replace cooker hood grease filter

Grease is particularly essential to consider because they allow how to build and increases your chances of having a grease fire in your kitchen. It’s really important to wash your cooker hood grease filter regularly.

Ideally, every three months you don’t want a fat dripping down onto your food while you cook and you can see from mine they’re in need of a really deep clean and to do that I need to remove them in most cases.

If you are not sure how to replace cooker hood grease filters, or if you simply don’t want to, it’s trouble at all for our team at the ambient edge. We help our customers with issues when it comes to their kitchen HVAC system.

Then you need to call a duct cleaning company in your area. It has a specialized service that requires equipment that most HVAC companies have. So these companies can clean heating & air ducts, but not ductwork in your kitchen.

You will need to do some research on the duct cleaning companies in your area to find out a reliable business. The local HVAC Company should be able to refer you to a reputable drain cleaning business.

How To Replace Cooker Hood Grease Filters And Why Is So Important

A range hood filter is a perfect helper in the kitchen. They encourage healthy ventilation by snatching all the grease & smoke from the air as you cook. If your range hood has a vent, then the vent allows the dirty air an escape from your kitchen.

If the range hood is ductless, then its filter allows to clean the air to recirculate. A filter is very important to reduce the risk of kitchen smoke, grease, and fumes.  It is easy to forget about the filter, but it will be it’s an out-of-mind, out-of-sight situation.

So if you forget to change the filter, then set a reminder on your phone to complete the process. However, even when you clean your filter regularly, then the time will finally come when you need to replace it.

How Often Should You Clean A Grease Filter In A Cooker Hood?

A grease filter in the cooker hood depends on your cooking and how often you actually cook in a day. A good idea is to check every two-to-six months. If you do a lot of cooking which releases more grease into the air, then you will need to check up one-to-three months.

However, if you hardly use the hob & the cooker hood, then you’ll possibly perhaps with six-to-12 months to clean it. If you don’t clean your grease filter, then it will impact the performance of your cooker hood, and it may lead to an increase in the noise levels and can be a fire safety hazard.

Can Cooker hood grease Filters Be Cleaned and Reused?

Yes, a cooker hood grease filter can be cleaned & reused, but unfortunately, it stops working after it becomes fully dirty, then you need to clean from all these impurities that it has adsorbed.

Once that happens, the air being drawn up by your cooker hood will longer get cleaned of fumes, grease, or smell, and will not blow back into the room. So you can wash the grease filters to clean it either.

When you want to clean or wash the grease cooker filter, it can be clean with hot water, or heating over 900 degrees Celsius. It releases all the particles trapped by the grease filter. The process can cause harmful gases to get released, so definitely not a good scientific experiment for your home kitchen. you can get used again after washing.

How to increase the efficiency of the cooker hood grease filter

Once you’ve chosen your perfect range hood and it’s up & running in your kitchen, then you need to keep it clean and perform its efficiently as possible. When you turn on the hood the lowest speed before you start to cook. It will help you to suck the harmful air from the kitchen, it should be able to keep your hood operating at lower speeds.

The filter on your hood will operate much more efficiently if they are not blocked by the grease. So it needs to clean from the grease regularly. If you are using an extractor hood, it affects the efficiency of the hood. Then you need to reduce the distance between the vent & the hood

After the cooking, the hood switches on for a short amount of time. It will help us to remove all the residual & odors from the kitchens.


As we discussed above how to replace cooker hood grease filters, so be careful to read it & clean your filter, and even the entire hoods at least twice the year regularly. Everything you need to know about cooker hood grease filters.

A dirty range hood can be dangerous for human health, you need to have a habit that cleaning a range hood after a certain time. With the dirty filter not only bacteria can be grown inside, but it also affects the efficiency of the hood which can be decreased by using a thicker layer of grease.

If you are having a ductless cooker hood then you should purchase a grease filter to get the best performance out of the appliance & keep your kitchen as clean and smell-free as possible.

If the cooker hood is being vented to the outside, then you don’t need to worry about them. Hopefully, you get an idea from this guide that how to replace cooker hood grease filters & best practices around them.