How To Remove Range Hood Filter With Comprehensive Guide 2022

If you bought a range hood recently, you might be wondering how to remove range hood filter. Otherwise, heavy grease dirt is produced from your cooking area. You need to check out after a three to six-week range hood filter to clean it.

If you can’t check it monthly, it does not work efficiently. Otherwise, the grease will block the smoke and exhaust from your home. The lubricant builds quickly & expands inside your blower & ductwork. Its needs more maintenance than you want to deal with. Before cleaning, it’s necessary to take out the range hood filter carefully.

how to remove range hood filter

How To Remove Range Hood Filter, Let’s Dive Inside:

Now time to discuss briefly its step-by-step procedure

Lift the back of the range hood filter inside to the vent hood.

Some range hoods have handles on the filters, but not at all. If you have a handle in your filter, you can easily grip them and lift it inside the vent hood. If you haven’t handled your filter, you use your hands to lift it carefully.

Backslide the range hood.

Once you lift the filter, slide it to the back of the hood. Because you don’t want to scratch the back of your range hood, don’t try to hold the filter from its sides. It’s difficult to see what you are having inside the range hood. Its edges are very sharp, and you do not want to get cut. There is not much space inside the vented hood. That is why you can get the filter on the backside.

Downward the front edge angle and remove the filter.

First of all, the filter tilts to the back and front edge downward and lifts out of the hood. In stainless steel baffle filter has a protected plastic sheet on the inside. It’s essential to take off first and then execute efficiently. Some people forget to take the plastic sheet. But it’s no need to keep it on. It’s just for protection during shipping. So when you insert it before that, it removes the plastic covering.

How to Clean Range Hood Filters

After removing the filters, they need to be cleaned. Here we explain how to clean your range hood filters.

Dishwasher detergent and warm water

First, give a dishwasher detergent or soap and mix it with hot water. They can help to remove the grease on your filters. Take a bucket, fill the hot water, add dishwasher detergent, and set the filter inside. Let it take the filter inside the water for 20 to 25 minutes before soaking, and then dry the filter.

Kitchen Degreaser

Cleaning the kitchen degreaser and the range hood filter can be easy. Fantastik, Krud Kutter, and Gee Gone are the best solution for the kitchen degreaser. So you can quickly clean through its degreaser.

Dish soap and hot or boiling water

When you wash the filter with soap & warm water, you must be careful. Flow a litter of warm water over the filter and scrub the affected area. It doesn’t need to wash the whole filter with dish soap. You wash only the affected area. But cleaning the grease filter from the baffle filter can be difficult.

Scrub brush and dish soap

If you work hard and want to clean more and more from the grease filter to clean it, you can use a scrub brush. You can mix the degreasing dish with soap. Then you can cut easily through all the grease with no time.

Baking soda and water

The most effective method for cleaning the filter is backing soda & water. It can clean the filter deep and remove the grease on your filter. Put the baking soda on the grease area, and then use a scrub brush with dish soap to clean the filter.


Suppose you are in a hurry and want to clean the filter quickly and conveniently. Be sure that the dishwasher-safe first. All the filters are safe for your dishwasher. But it depends on the quality of the filter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you take off a hood filter?

They are simple steps to take off the filter which are the following.
1st turn off the range hood
Take the filter from the center & pull-down & slide the filter out.
If you use the grease filter, then take it out from the back of the hood of the sharp corners.

How often should range hood filters be replaced?

The better way to change your range hood filter is every two to three months. If you cook a lot then we recommend you change the filter one-month frequency. The filter can protect your health from the toxic smoke that produces from cooking.

How long do range hoods last?

The lifespan of an electric range hood is not for, according to the national association of home builders (NAHB) you can be expected at 13 years. A range hood which is installed at the top of the stove captures all the toxic greases & cooking odors and lasts about 14 years.


Hopefully, you’ll understand how to remove range hood filters, and how to clean the filter regularly. We already discuss each & every point about the filter and the procedure to remove the filter. Our expert team recommends you take the range hood filter every three to six months. Regarding the above discussion, you get an idea from the above detail about how to remove the filter and clean it.

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