How To Install ZLINE Range Hood With Proper Guide & Tips

Most people think that how to install ZLINE range hood, and what is the importance of the ZLINE range hood. ZLINE makes three main types of hoods, which we’ll discuss following one by one. And we also discuss the installation among them.

How to install ZLINE range hood

In this Guide, we’ll go over…..

  • Step by step wall-mounted ZLINE vent range hood installation.
  • Why a ZLINE range hood should be vented to the outside.
  • The materials needed to install a ZLINE range hood.

A ZLINE range hood is designed to move unwanted air from the kitchen and to remove a free pollutant environment where you breathe easily and can spend a lot of time inside the kitchen to make delicious cooking.

It can improve the efficiency of the ventilation system & remove the odors that come naturally from cooking. It comes with two telescoping chimneys that can adjust easily to the ceiling up to 9ft, and it has an extension that is available for 10-to-12ft ceiling applications.

A ZLINE range hood offer premium features like dishwasher-safe baffle filters, built-in LED lighting, quiet and powerful motor that eliminates all the greases & smoke. It makes your life easier because it helps you to clean the kitchen and create a healthy environment.


A ZLINE range hood adds a surprising value to your kitchen, by providing an aesthetic look, & impressive for your home, it gives excellent ventilation, and bright LED lighting. Before installing a ZLINE range hood, we recommend you place a hood at least a minimum of 36” above the cooktop.

First of all measure the kitchen area where you want to install, and then buy the hood, but it should be width equal to the top or two to three inches wider on both sides, the ZLINE hood benefits are:

Improved value property

A professional kitchen can improve your real estate value because a buyer pays more to concentrate on the beauty of the kitchen. If you want to earn from real estate then we recommend you produce the beauty of the kitchen.

One reason for the beauty of your home is to install a ZLINE range hood. Many buyers find a ZLINE range hood that indicates that sellers took their kitchen revival seriously.

Air Quality

A kitchen can get tremendously hot while cooking, a ZLINE range hood is designed to move the toxic air away from the kitchen, and create a peaceful, fresher, and cooler environment.

It sucks all the unwanted particulates that can affect your health, and improve the efficiency of your ventilation system & remove the odors that create naturally with cooking. When you installed a ZLINE range hood then you feel cooler in the kitchen & better will smell.


An aesthetically designed help us & ensure to clean the food preparation area. It cleans the stuck greases & smokes around the kitchen which can be a difficult process, but with the right vent hood, you’ll have fewer droplets of oil hanging in the air.

How to Install ZLine Range Hood? (Buying & Guide)

In this installation guide, I’ll be going over how to install ZLINE range hood, here we explain the common type of hood that ZLINE wall mount. If you want to install this ZLINE range hood before installation checks out the following video.

Before installing a ZLINE range hood is to mark the mid-point, & then install the mounting screws. After placing the screws, you’ll install the chimney bracket, & transition piece. This is possible when you install an existing duct of the transition piece & insert the plug into the 20-ampere outlet.

After placing the duct & wire connection, you’ll secure the upper section of the chimney to the lower bracket to the transition piece. After successful installation with clean grease & baffle channel, you can install the two stainless steel baffle filters.

Mount the mid-point

Before installing the ZLINE range hood, find the mid-point (central vertical point) of the range hood. It should be perfectly placed at the top of the stove, so the hood can perform effectively that capture all the unwanted materials from the kitchen.

Mark mounting screws

After finding the central point where you can adjust the hood, the next phase is to measure the mounting screws from the center point. A ZLINE range hood is recommended to be installed at 30-to-36” above the cooktop of the stove.

Before mounting the screws, it is important that the mounting screws need to go with wood studs because the hood can’t be supported by drywall. If the mounting screws are not mounted by studs, then you’ll need to go with the wood bracing.

Install Chimney Bracket

When you insert the screws successfully, then you need to insert the chimney bracket along with the center point above the hood, because it will help to secure the metal hood chimney.

Install Transition Piece

A transition strip is used when you are joining or connect together two different sections of the hood. It secures the round duct at the top of the stove hood, you’ll simply fasten the transition piece to the top of the hood with the screws supplied.

Make Connection

A duct connector is used for attachments between the equipment & the ductwork. It is specially designed to eliminate the noise & vibration of the fan or blowers. When you installed a transition piece successfully, then you need to connect the duct.

So place the duct over the transition piece & hold the place with a metal duct clamp. I recommend you put one piece of aluminum tape over the clamp to make much secure the airtight.

Make Electrical Connection

Once you installed the ZLINE range hood successfully, then you need to make an electrical connection. A ZLINE range hood has three plugs and kitchen outlets. The outlet should be a 20-ampere circuit.

Install Chimney

Now it’s time to connect the chimney, a chimney helps us to remove the harmful odors from the kitchen to create a free smoke environment. The installation of the chimney is so simple. It has two parts, one is the inner and one is the outer

Slide the inner section upward so that can be visible, and fasted the vented section to the chimney bracket. Then you’ll fasten the lower section of the chimney to the transition piece with provided screws.

Install filter

The most essential part of the hood is to install the filter because a filter is designed to capture & remove the grease, fumes, and smoke, and prevent them from the harmful ventilation system.

As a question arises on the internet that “how to install a ZLINE range hood” a ZLINE range hood advises installing the filter because it cleans the grease cup behind the blower motor. Make sure to protect your health and remove the film which may give it a white appearance.


As you discuss above that “how to install ZLINE range hood”, the installation of the ZLINE range hood is straightforward if you have available all the tools that it needs for duration installation.

I wouldn’t try installing a range hood without being lightweight using the drill, since it can make easier the installation so much. If you don’t have a new duct to install to the outside, then the installation is so simple, and it can be done within one or two hours.

Remember the rule of the range hood that we already explained above, a ZLINE range hood plugs it into an outlet to install it. You don’t want to go through to stress of an installation only to find out it is not working properly or missing parts.

Hopefully, you’ll understand how to install ZLINE range hood in our kitchen, if you want more information about the installation of the ZLINE range hood then click here.