How To Install Under Cabinet Ductless Range Hood With Comprehensive Guide

Looking for the trendy query which arises on the internet that is how to install under cabinet ductless range hood to learn it, simply follow all the steps carefully & install a ductless range hood easily.

how to install under cabinet ductless range hood

The installation of a ductless range hood is very similar to others. It doesn’t need a vent throughout, because it operates through a charcoal filter, a charcoal filter sucks the cooking fumes, greases, smoke, and other harmful air from the kitchen and recycles them to clean the kitchen.

This installation of this under cabinet range hood is much easier than other ducted range hoods. It is a pretty simple technique without the help of a professional ductless range hood.

Before the installation of a ductless range hood, it recommends consulting the local building department to determine the distance between the fan & the stovetop. The space should be between 24-to-30” in a typical installation.

Before starting shut off all the electrical work or power supply to the proper circuit by turning off the breaker in your home. A ductless range hood is an important appliance in your kitchen from free smoke and odor to enjoy your cooking experience.

Now if you plan to install a ductless range hood for a modern kitchen or you search for a new range hood, here we offer an easy installation.

Things to you should consider before beginning are how to install under cabinet ductless range hood

  • Before going through the installation process, unbox the new under-cabinet ductless range hood and get familiar with all the accessories manufacturers provide
  • Make sure that the recommended space of your range hood exists in your kitchen
  • It must be installed at least from 28-to-32″ above the top of the strove, and verify that it is sufficient space for it.
  • Cover your cooktop with a wooden board to prevent the screws and other objects from getting into the stove.
  • It is recommended to follow the installation and other instructions provided by the manufacturer’s manual before starting work.


The 1st thing is to install an under-cabinet ductless range hood to fit the hood. You should mark the place where you insert the screws & ensure that the range hood alignment level is correct. It is 24” over at the top of the strove.

After fitting you’ll have to attach the bottom of the cabinet by using screws & breaker. In the following installation, you’ll have to put a charcoal filter for better usability.

Making template

The 1st step while you install a ductless range hood is to create a design by using a pencil, mark them to sure and find the center of the cabinet to install your range hood accurately.

You can use a level to find the mid-point of your wall space, and mark the screws holes that you might to get a design with the range hood.

Get the measurements

Before buying the ductless range hood, decide on the height according to your kitchen strove size, it is available in the market from 28” to 36” above the top of the strove.

After deciding on the range hood take measure the height & length of the space where you want to install it and mark them according to the measurement on the wall.

Marks the measurement of your screws the holes or the mounting point of your ductless hood, and mark the center & two mounting points on a cardboard sheet.

Drill through the mounting points

Once you have to mark the cardboard, place it along the wall under the cabinet, using a 1/8” bit, and drill through the cardboard marks into the wall where you want to mount it. The mount point is placed, and also drill at the top where the screw will lie in your ductless range hood.

Setting Up the circuit

Place the workbox against the wall where the wires will emerge, and mark the openings around the mid-point & use a circuit tester to check, once you get the circuit & wires live, switch off the circuit controlling the breaker.

Connect the Wires

Using each wire conductor, slightly remove the wire from the edges using wire strippers and bend the ends of the wire into a U shape and loop it along the black wire at the electrical outlet.

Fix your Range Hood

Hold your range hood & slip it over the mounting screws tight the screws carefully, and find the studs behind your range hood & anchor them at the market spots. The spots won’t be visible so you can use a stud finder to determine the location.

Plug your range hood

After completing the wiring &connections to secured, plug the hood into an electric outlet & check if everything is working accurately.

Install the Filters

When you complete the installation & test your range hood, then you won’t need to have the chimney open. So it would be taking your range hood filters (charcoal, mesh aluminum, and baffle) & setting them in place.


It would be best to collect all the tools before starting to install them under the cabinet range hood. The process will make your work flatter & faster.

how to install under cabinet ductless range hood with essentials tools
  • Pencil or marker
  • Power drill
  • Tape measure
  • Circuit tester
  • Screwdriver
  • Lever
  • Wire stripper


We explain already that how to install under cabinet ductless range hood. Although ductless range hoods are simple to install and put in, you may need someone to help you with the installation of the hood.

You can cover your stove with a cardboard sheet or piece of wood to ensure it to protect and secure while installing a ductless range hood under the cabinet. The above step by steps procedures to install under cabinet ductless range hood and to achieve the functionality & stylish you want inside your kitchen.

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