Things To Consider Before How To Install Range Hood Without Cabinet

Nowadays the installation of the range hood without a cabinet can cause an issue, but now we will discuss “how to install range hood without cabinet” to solve the specific problem. So don’t worry about the installation of the hood without a cabinet. You are here at the right place, and you can solve the problem after reading this article.

how to install range hood without cabinet

So be careful to follow steps wise & install a range hood easily. The process is similar to the installation as compared to other hoods, and it just isn’t a hassle to vent out because it operates through a charcoal filter.

The charcoal filter captures all the smoke, steam, oil/ fat, and other harmful fumes, recycles them, and returns the clean smoke to the kitchen. Generally, it is much more accessible than other range hood installations. Its installation is pretty simple using some techniques without the help of a professional.

  • Before installing, insert a new ductless range hood and identify all accessories provided by the manufacturer.
  • Ensure the recommended space for your new range hood exists in your kitchen.
  • The ductless range hood must be installed at a minimum of 28 inches and a maximum of 32 inches above the top of the stove.
  • Cover the top of the stove with a wooden board to prevent screws and other objects from getting into the stove.
  • Before going to work, it’s great to follow the manufacturer’s guide’s installation and other instructions.

Essentials Tools for how to install range hood without cabinet

It would be best to collect all the following tools before installing them how to install a range hood without cabinet. This process will make your work more flowing and faster.


It is a tool that can be used manually for driving the screws. Typical, and simple, it has a handle and a shaft, ending in a tip the user puts into the screws head before turning the handle. It is used in many workplaces for quicker, easier, and can drill holes.

Non-contact circuit tester

Is also known as inductance testers. Those are probably the safest tester around. The non-contact tester allows you to check the tension in cables or equipment without touching any wires or parts.

Pencil or Marker

The marker creates firm, clean bodies of color. The benefit and feature is a high level of saturation from ink flowing onto the paper. At the same time, color pencils allow for delicate correct precision, and modern control adult color marker sets often come packaged with blender pens.

Power drill

A power drill is used to implement all types of jobs around you (small or large). You can equip them with needle-thin bits for drilling tiny holes for craft projects or chuck in large hole saws to cut up to five-inch diameter holes in drywall and other soft materials.


A surface is a device for adjusting the horizontal plane. It consists of a small glass tube containing alcohol, liquid, and air bubbles. They are mounted horizontally in a frame of wood or metal beams with a smooth bottom.

Wire Stripper

A wire stripper is a small hand tool used to remove insulation from electrical wires. This portable handheld tool is available for electricians and even DIYers to remove or disassemble wires to replace or repair wires.

Tape measure:

A tape measure is a flexible ruler, which is used to measure the size and distance. With this tool, we can calculate different sizes (like fabric) and lengths.

The Process of How to install range hood without cabinet

Step 1 – Identify the Center

When you want to install a range hood without a cabinet, first measure and find out the exact point of the cabinet and locate it marked with a pencil.

Step 2 – Take the Measurements

When you decide where to install this range hood, measure the range hood and the top of the stove after determining the place. To determine if there is enough space, measure the width and minimum height of the range hood and prepare the nominated area for its installation.

Step 3 – Mark and Drill screw holes

After finding the perfect place to install your desired range hood, catch a pencil in hand to mark the holes and drill them using a power drill for the screw.

When the help of the paper template which the manufacturer provides. By applying it, you can make the hole according to the screws. Also, create a two-inch diameter hole in the middle of the wood board with a saw.

Step 4 – Set Circuit Breaker for the Power Source

If your range hood is hardwired, you need to install a circuit of 110 volts. And if you can use the existing circuit for this. Then you must ensure that the appropriate power of 110 volts is enriched.  A professional electrician should be called if you aren’t comfortable with electrical work.

Step 5 – Make Connection with Wire to Wire

After the circuit work is performed, turn off the breaker of the power supply and be sure by testing the non-contact circuit tester, and then you can connect to the wires.

It has three wires of the same type and color on both sides. Then remove its coating from the ends wire with a wire stripper. Once the cable cover has been removed, connect the white wire to the white, black wire with the black, and green wire with the green and secure them with wire nuts. Afterward, connects the wires between the electrical boxes.

Step 6 – Place Your Range Hood

Once the wiring has been completed, you will need an assistant to place the new range hood in the middle. Your assistant will hold the hood firmly in its position. Then put the screws in the hole and install the range hood in its place.

Step 7 – Connect with Electricity

Place the range hood and connect its cable to the electric outlets. Then check whether the range hood’s lights and fan are running well or not. If the range hood is not on, verify the circuit again to see a connection error among the wires inside.

Step 8 – Install the Charcoal Filters

Install a charcoal filter. The charcoal filter is the key element to make your range hood and sucks out all the toxic fumes, and grease, and emits from your kitchen.

To keep all the wires safe, you can make an electrical box on the opposite wall. When all the above is installed perfectly, turn on your range hood once more from the control panel and feel the fresh air that how to install a range hood without a cabinet by yourself with pleasure.


If you are in conclusion, it means you might get an answer to your question that “how to install range hood without cabinet“. I hope might be able to give your answers & satisfy you with your questions.

Additionally, if you follow the above instructions, you’ll be able to change the range hood installation yourself without any problems. I don’t think it is too difficult. Just make it simple and go step by step. You will understand all the steps discussed above, assuredly following the above guide and manufacturer instructions.

I hope your search for the installation of the range hood without cabinet would end here due to the given explanation & detail. So best of luck, stay keep your kitchen & clean your earth planet clean.

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