How To Install A Range Hood Vent Through The Wall With Proper Detail

Whenever you are shifting to a new area or refurbishing your house, the first question arises: how to install a range hood vent through the wall? Updating your kitchen with a modern device provides an intelligent look up to your kitchen and assists you in doing daily kitchen jobs more conveniently.

how to install a range hood vent through the wall

A range hood can be an excellent option for your kitchen maintenance. It’s a device that hangs over your kitchen stove and works fantastic. It removes smoke, steam, fumes, and other gases that are harmful / affect humans. As the name suggests, a range hood sucks unwanted smoke and gas from a long distance using a powerful mechanical fan, leaving your kitchen clean and fresh after every meal.

A vent range hood on the wall looks very simple. However, looking simple and being simple are two different things. But, replacing the range hood is much easier than other completely new range hood systems.

Now, scroll down and read all the points. I have already discussed this after a long & deep research step by step. The point would help you with how to install a range hood vent through the wall.

Installing A Range Hood Vent Through The Wall: Step-by-Step Procedures

A range hood vent keeps your kitchen clean, makes it beautiful, and sucks the smoke and grease. And don’t pred its price, and you’ll surely be satisfied with its long-lasting performance.

Installing a range hood, you’ll find one of the following two situations.

1. Preparing & installing a vent range hood.

2. Replace the old vent range hood.

I will explain both two situations in this article. So, let’s see the thing needed to start the process. Here we discuss some essential tools that you need during installation time. Without these tools, its installation is impossible.


A hammer is an iron tool that consists of a weighted head connecting to a long handle swung.


A screwdriver is a hand tool that can use manually. With the help of a screwdriver, you can turn (the left & right) the tip easily.

Insulated gloves

Insulating gloves (also called electrical gloves). When working on electrical wires, cables, or any electrical equipment, it can protect you against electrical shocks. 

Wire cutters

Electricity is the most harmful to human beings. Wire cutters are the only device that protects you against the electrical wire.


Caulk or Caulking is a material used to joints or seams against the leakage in various structures and piping.

Cable ripper

You use this tool to remove the sheathing from Romex and wire standard nonmetallic wires that you generally pull into your electrical boxes.

Electric drill machine

The electric drill machine is one of the most famous powerful tools for frequent usage & convenience. It is the most helpful hardware tool that is used everywhere.

Reciprocating saw & Masonry saw

Reciprocating saws and Masonry saw blades are specially used for cutting various materials.

Duct pipe

Piping Systems are used to distribute liquids and gases. The mechanical system used to move the fluid is a pump, and the mechanical system used to move the gas is a fan.

How To Install A Range Hood Vent Through The Wall For The First Time

In the past, a vent range hood was never installed in some houses because the kitchen was never designed, but nowadays, everything is designed. But now every kitchen is suitable for installation. And now how to install a range hood vent through the wall, we explain in the following steps.

Step # 01

Draw a design through a marker on the wall where you want to make the holes and attach your new vent.

Step # 02

Most of the drywall is made of 4.5 inches, it’s thin & you can easily penetrate them with a drill machine. But you ensure you don’t tear any electric line inside the wall.

Step # 03

Create a rectangle design and apply a reciprocating saw to cut out that part of the wall. Clean & make ensure that rubbish doesn’t stay in the hole.

Step # 04

You need the hole in your kitchen, and the vent range hood removes all the smell through the hole. If your kitchen is in the middle of the house, you need to spend money and effort to make the hole, as you may need to cut & make the hole through the roof.

Step # 05

It would be best if you made the hole the same size on the outer side of your home. You can use a masonry saw, drill machine, and hammer for this operation.

Step # 06

After all, you fill the uncovered area at the end of both holes. And you’ll use the screwdriver to tighten the cover position of the vent.

How To Replace An Old Vent Range Hood.

Sometimes, your old range hood doesn’t work correctly, and you need to replace a vent hood. How to replace a vent range hood? Read the following instruction carefully.

How to remove an old vent range hood?

Step # 01

First of all, you remove the electrical connections of the hood.

Step # 02

After removing all the electrical connections, you take out the nuts with the help of a screwdriver. Prudently eliminate the screws and put the hood sideways.

Frequently Ask Questions

Can you vent a range hood through a wall?

A wall mount or under cabinet range hood can be vented. Venting a range hood is an interior wall that may be seen as overwhelming, but it is easy if you have a diying it. So if you want comfort and to save money, install it yourself. But we recommend you hire a local contractor to install it.

How far can a range hood be vented?

Generally, it’s not recommended to execute your ductwork longer than 30ft, but in an ideal scenario, our standard reduction in length elbow is 90degree for your ductwork which is 10 inches. So, in this case, you need one elbow for your max ductwork, which should not be 20ft max.

How much does it cost to install a hood vent?

The installation cost of the vent hood is $150-to-$950. The reason for the range hood cost is the amount of ductwork wide you need to install. A ducted/ vented/hood is used, a duct is removed entirely, and exhaust from your home, including smoke, air, and fumes.


The vent range hood brings fresh air to the kitchen and makes it comfortable for the family to use, as it doesn’t affect the health of our family members. Suppose you cannot follow the above rules for installing the vent range hood, as it’s a bit complicated to install because it is made of heavy metal.

Therefore be careful to install it. Hopefully, you’ll now understand how to install a range hood vent through the wall. With the help of the above information, you can set the vent range hood through the wall to make air freshening in your kitchen.

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