How to Install a Ductless Island Range Hood In a Few Easy Steps

Do you know how to install a ductless island range hood? I did not think so, that’s why I am showing you easy it is to get a designer dream kitchen with this wonderful appliance. The hood is made specifically for instance where you don’t have access to outside venting.

How to install a ductless island range hood

While venting to the outdoors is always preferred, it is not always practical. In my case, I have over 40 feet to execute the ductwork to get it to reach the outside. In the long run, the less effective the hood will be at moving air and heat away from the range.

How to install a ductless island range hood requirement.

  • Don’t place the hood in the yard open areas, where there are many open doors or windows.
  • Place the hood above the cooking area. The optimal distance between the cooking edge and top of the hood edge in the range hood should be from 24-to-36”.
  • Place on a high level suitable for your roof.
  • Ensure the chimney can reach the roof if your roof requires the installation to be a few inches higher or less than 24-to-36”
  • To get better performance, don’t overuse the extent pipes & avoid unnecessary bending.
  • The air vents should be attached to the chimney neck or the combustion gas’s edges. The ventilation should not be connected to the chamber’s air ducts where the fuel is burning.

Protections during ductless island range hood

  • To avoid fire hazards, use only metalwork, use this unit only as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Before servicing or cleaning the unit, switch off the power on the service panel & key panels app to disconnect power outages by accidental power opening.
  • Make sure the equipment to keep low. In case of a short power circuit, grounding reduces the risk of electric shock by providing a power outlet.
  • Incompatible support can make a risk of electric shock. Consult a qualified electrician if the instruction for building & foundations is not fully understood.
  • To reduce the risk of fire & ventilation, don’t exhaust getters within walls or roofs.
  • If you drill or cut the wall or ceiling, don’t damage an electrical wiring or other hidden appliances.

How to Install a Ductless Island Range Hood Step by Step

Step # 01

Before installation measure an island range hood from the ceiling to a height of 24-to-36” above your cooking top area. Place it at the appropriate height on your roof.

how to install a ductless range hood

Make sure the chimney can still reach the ceiling. If your roof preference requires the installation to be a few inches above or less than 24-to-36”.

Step # 02

Adjust the protective area at the top of the hood, remove the hood from its pockets place it face down on the protective surface to fit inside the hood.

Step # 03

Align 4 pieces of the lower to support the frame into the Blower holes. Switch to place with installed screws. Set aside from a low-level support framework and Blower Assembly.

Step # 04

Use the ceiling mount as a guide to making 4 holes (8mm or 5/16 bit) in the part of the ceiling where you want to increase the width. Fill the holes with the provided anchors. Apply the roof mount safely.

Step # 05

Slide the Support Framework and down in the Upper Support Frame. Step 1 Adjust the height according to your measurements. Align the holes with the desired height, and screw the 4 pieces of the Lower Support Frame into the 4 parts of the Upper Support Frame together.

Step # 06

Take the back piece of the internal chimney, align it, & wrap it securely around the side of the ceiling mount. Now take the inner room’s front clip again & wrap it securely around the sides of the phone mount. It directly connects the back of the inner chimney with the front of the inner chimney on each side.

Step # 07

The rub back of the Putney chimney & front of the outer chimney together on each side.

Step # 08

Remove the filter and get to the bottom of the blower assembly from the bottom of the range hood, it can protect the outer chimney by placing them in the blower assembly. Internal indoor cement front ceiling mounts exterior framework clock backside viewing blower assembly.

Step # 09

  • Re-install the filters
  • Align the filter pin with the hole under the hood.
  • Gently pull the filter lock
  • Put the filter in place & ask for the key

Step # 10

  • See the guide and the career guidelines for performance on hood efficiency
  • Check the light & light functions to make sure it works properly.

Types of island range hood

Ducted Island hoods:

A ducted island range hood needs to connect to duct pipes that carry the airborne particles away from the kitchen. It is used to process and extract the smoke produced above the kitchen hob area. Normally is large in size and widely used not just in homes but it is also used in commercial restaurants.

Ductless island hoods

A ductless range hood is also known as a ventless range hood, does not vent out of the home, instead, it carries the debris & smoke from the air & filter through a charcoal or carbon filter before releasing it back into the room.

A ductless range hood does not have a hole to use for air processing. Instead, it is used to filter the airtightly and pumps air back into the room. These types of hoods are commonly used in homes.

Features of range hood

  • Create lights to light up the top of the strove, allowing you to prepare meals without turning on high lights
  • Included some automatic shutdown so you can run to the fan for a set period after finishing cooking.
  • Other things to consider are a high-speed fan, filter switch lights, and self-cleaning technology to reduce care.


Hopefully, you will understand how to install a ductless island range, and why they need for your kitchen. An island range hood makes your kitchen beautiful and makes your life easy. An island ductless range hood makes your kitchen aesthetic.

The installation of an island ductless range hood isn’t difficult, but it can do the job through a helper that will be needed to hold the hood and they are fastened to the supports. If you install a new ductless island hood, & there isn’t existing electrical wiring or duct, then it can be difficult to install it.

After installing a ductless island range hood, we recommend you turn on the hood & checking an exterior vent for airflow. If you don’t want there to be any obstructions in the vent, you need to make sure that it is exhausted properly.

Without a ductless island range hood, you can face multiple problems during cooking, like steam, smoke, grease, harmful air, and other harmful gas that can affect your health.

After installing an island range hood, you can consume less time in cleaning & more time to make delicious cooking for your family happy, and at last, it’s no doubt a useful gadget in this new modern lifestyle.