How to Clean Stainless Steel Range Hood Filters | Few Simple Steps to Follow

Did you know that the average person (shift) spends half of their lifetime in the kitchen? Who make delicious cooking and collect all the family members to enjoy the cooking. Have you thought about the fumes, grease, fumes, and other harmful emissions from cooking?

how to clean stainless steel range hood filters

Here we talk about an instrument that sucks all the harmful air and particle that produce from cooking and creates a free-pollutant environment. That the instrument is a range hood that contains a stainless steel filter that sucks the harmful air.

But after a few months, the filter becomes dirty, and you didn’t think about that how to clean stainless steel range hood filters. If you worry about it, how to clean this stainless steel filter, don’t be upset, you are at the right place.

Do you know how to clean stainless steel filters, and how properly care for your range hood? A quality range hood must-have for your kitchen. Its fan reduces the cooking fumes, toxic chemicals, grease, smoke, and lingering odors and sweeps the air clean.

If you don’t keep your filter clean, then your hood won’t be able to do its job long time. Here is how to clean stainless steel range hood filters to keep your hood for years to come.

Avoid the following tools during cleaning, brillo pads, steel wool, dish detergent, and other harmful chemicals because they damage the filters.

How to clean stainless steel range hood filters Comprehensive Guide Steps by Steps

Some people do not clean the filter of the range hood using the passage of time and ignore it time, so it is not the right thing, because cleaning the filter of the range hoods provides you with more quality air and a clean environment.

That is why we recommend you clean your range hood filter every few months. So if you are admiring how to clean stainless steel range hood filters.  Here we explain some simple steps for doing the range hood clean.

Remove the Range Hood Filter

The filter depends on the range hood model, It can be removed either slide out, or pop out, worst case scenario, but you need to separate the filter from the range hood. But most of them a range hood requires a screw to remove the filter. It’s essential to take a look at the range hood and see the best way to remove it for an optimal range hood filter.

Take Boil Water

Once you separate the filter from the range hood, then you need to take a fill of water pot and take it on the stove to boil the water. Once the water becomes boiled then your stainless steel filter is put in it for 20 minutes.

Prepare Detergents

Prepare a liquid dish with soap & baking soda, you can use a vinegar solution as well as water ammonia. But it is critical don’t physically touch this detergent. The best way to prevent your skin from harming. You will require ¼ cup of baking soda & dish soap for this.

Submerge your filter in water

Try to take a big pot, and put the boiled water and detergent that you have already prepared before it. Once you add the hot water and a liquid detergent, add baking soda to the water. Then submerge your range hood filter for 20 minutes completely.

You’ll need your stainless steel filter to sit in the hot water before you can proceed with the next steps. The reason behind this is to give the hot water & detergents time to strip most of the grease off.

Take abrasive brush for scrub

Once the boiled water becomes cooled down, then you can get your hands dirty. Take a non-abrasive brush for scrubbing the range hood filter until the grease & harmful particles are trapped and oil starts coming off.

Once you scrubbed the filter thoroughly, then you can place it in the dishwasher-safe for extra cleaning. You can also use pots & pans which are useful for a lot of hot water and getting smaller grease particles.

Let your range hood filter dry

Once you have done the cleaning process of the stainless steel filter, it is essential for you to dry the filter. Otherwise, you can use a dry cloth to help soap up some excess water. Keep in mind your filter need to be completely dry before placing it back on your range hood.

That’ll help you to prevent electrical shocks & potential hazards. Once your filter is completely dry, place it back in your range hood so that you can use it again.

Why You Should Regularly Clean Your Range Hood Filter

Maintaining your range hood filter is as essential as you might think. Your health depends on the indoor air quality that is affected by cooking. When you cook the cooking, it releases harmful particulates & chemicals into the air.

This indoor air can lead the respiratory issues & affect other areas of your health. Your range hood fan is one of the most powerful tools you have to ensure clean air in your home. So keep the efficiency clean, and extend the life of the mechanism & removes the grease and smoke particulates from your environment.

Finally, you should keep your filters clean or replace them often, because when the grease buildup it can lead to a fire hazard. Once your know how to clean stainless steel range hood filters, this will become an easy step in your kitchen maintenance routine.

How Often Should You Clean The Range Hood Filter?

At minimum absolute, your range hood filter should get cleaned once a year. We recommend you clean your filter at least once a month. It often makes it easier & faster to clean each time, & prevents grease & grime buildup in your ductwork.

The decision that you can make by eyeballing, how dirty your filter, it depends on how often you cook and what type of cooktop you have. When you are cleaning the top of the stove, take a look at and underside of the hood. If it needs to be cleaned, you will be able to tell.


A dirty range hood can be affected your health, you must have a habit to clean the range hood every month. Not only bacteria are grown inside the dirty range hood, but its efficiency can also be decreased by using a thick layer of greases.

Are you worried about how to clean stainless steel range hood filters? Don’t be upset you are at the right place, here we explain everything about how to clean the filter, and how to protect yourself from the cooking fumes, and greases.

Hopefully, you will understand the cleaning of the whole process of the range hood, and I hope you’ll be doing it itself, but we recommend you to call an expert that cleans very well as compared to you.