How To Clean Range Hood Filter With Vinegar | Step by Step Guide

A range hood is an essential part of the kitchen, it contains a filter that sucks all the grease, fumes, and other harmful air that can affect human health. But here a question arises that how to clean range hood filter with vinegar.

how to clean range hood filter with vinegar

This really works! After damaging the hood filter, and trying to clean them with classic cleaning solutions, got on my nerves, and tried a natural way. Let’s do this take half of the water and bring it to a boil. Moving on add a mixture of salt + vinegar + baking soda.

The quantity depends on how greasy they are. All you have to do is combine two cups of white vinegar with a little detergent & backing soak the filter for half an hour. After half an hour, take the filter and scrub with a brush the remaining grease off before drying.

Let us simmer in this magic the grease damaging potion for five-to-ten minutes, and then wash it with water, and maybe rub it a bit with some dish detergent. If you feel the need to repeat this process, feel free, and you can enjoy the cleaning of its filter.

How do I clean a range hood filter with vinegar?

Vinegar is another great solution for getting the grease, fumes, and grime on your range hood filter. It needs hot water, vinegar, and a little detergent. Take a pot with hot water add two white vinegar, detergent, and baking soda, and combine them.

Add a filter for half an hour. Before drying the filter scrub with a brush the remaining grease off, then you can take a clean and fresh filter. A filter is needed for a range hood, it sucks all the grease, smoke, and other toxic air from the kitchen to create a healthy environment.

Which cleaner is best for removing baked-on grease?

As we discussed above how to clean range hood filter with vinegar. Baking soda and vinegar are two versatile all-around cleaners that are the powerhouse when it comes to fighting grease.

Baking soda is attractive, because it tends to be gentle on the surface, yet powerful on grease even on top of the stove.

Does vinegar remove grease?

When the filter becomes dirty, it has a different way to clean it, but here we try to clean the filter with vinegar. A vinegar helps us through the grease easily, spray some vinegar mix with hot water onto a splattered top of the stove, and then wipe off, if not, leave it to sit a bit longer.

A vinegar pushed the magic to clean all the solutions, with good reason. It has a different variety of users around the world, but it has many benefits of being budget, family, and eco-friendly.

The compound of the vinegar is acetic acid. It makes an ideal to clean with it and break down the greasy build-ups and cut through the dirt quickly. It’s antimicrobial & kills a number of bacteria.

How do I clean my kitchen vent with vinegar?

Preparing a solution of hot water, with a few lemon slices, two spoons of white vinegar & baking soda, simply dip a cloth in the solution & clean the dirt, grime & stickiness off the blades.

Will vinegar and baking soda remove grease?

Both of them vinegar & baking soda remove all the toxic air around the surface of the filter to help lift off stubborn stains & grease for easy wiping.

How to Know When It’s Time for a Hood Filter Cleaning

Generally, cleaning the filter should take place every couple of weeks. Due to this enormous role the kitchen hood filter play in keeping your kitchen safe, they must be cleaned relatively frequently to prevent the build-up of grease.

In some kitchens the hood filter has the ability to last for up to four weeks but, in general, you should plan to have your cleaned or replaced every two weeks.

Cleaning tips

Before cleaning the range hood filter, here are three tips to bear in mind while you are cleaning the filters.

how to clean range hood filter with vinegar
  • use hot water (hot water easier it will be clean the filters)
  • have a kitchen hood filter cleaner do the cleaning for you if you aren’t confident in your ability to do it.
  • have your entire kitchen range hood cleaned on a regular basis & don’t allow too much grease to build up in your kitchen hood.


Hopefully, you will understand how to clean range hood filter with vinegar and why they are needed for the kitchen. Actually cleaning the range hood filter with vinegar can make your kitchen beautiful and can make your life easy.

Because vinegar consists of acetic acid. It makes an ideal to clean with it and break down the greasy build-ups & cut through the dirt quickly, it is antimicrobial & kills a number of bacteria.

A range hood filter sucks all the air that can affect human health, it creates a healthy environment. Without a range hood in your kitchen, you can face multiple problems during cooking, like, greases, steam, fumes, smoke, harmful air, and other gas that can affect your health.

In short, the query which you were searching is how to clean range hood filter with vinegar. We already discussed it above, so be careful to read it & clean your filter with vinegar, and even you need the entire range hood at least four times a year.