How to Clean Range Hood Filter in Dishwasher Helpful Maintenance Tips

As you are tired of washing the filter of the range hood again and again to solve this problem we bring a dishwasher for you to the cleaning the filter of the dishwasher “how to clean range hood filter in dishwasher”.

Don’t worry, you are at the right place, to find out the reason for this problem. A range hood is an essential part of the kitchen. It must have appliances if you want to maintain good air quality in your home.

Because it captures all the smoke, heat, and other harmful air before it escapes into the rest of your kitchen. It removes all those things that can affect your health, and it creates a healthy environment.

Due to removing all the grim that picks up from the kitchen, the filter becomes dirty, when it gets too dirty and the grease is too thick, then it becomes less effective to work it. You may need to check even every month’s range hood.

How to Clean Range Hood Filter in Dishwasher

So keep your range hood filter clean, because it is essential for the kitchen to capture the toxic air and create a healthy environment for you. Let’s take a look that how to clean range hood filter in dishwasher.

Can You Clean Range Hood Filters In The Dishwasher? 

The dishwasher is an effective thing for the purpose of cleaning. It should be better to use hot water rather than cold water. Once you clean the filter it works for the long term but you should wash the filter in the dishwasher in a month.

Therefore great because it works like a machine and easily washed the filter, rather than washing the filter with hands which takes time.

Detailed Steps Using A Dishwasher To Clean Your Filter

If your range hoods filter is not that dirty to clean, you should clean it with the help of a dishwasher for perfect use. The dishwasher we have already discussed but now we have to go and explain a little bit more.

Keep the filter vertically

Kept the filter vertically at bottom of the range hood rack for its perfect use, because when it’s placed vertically it easily completely cleans the filter rather than keeping it on other sides. A dishwasher is nothing more than a machine for cleaning the filter of the range hood.  We recommend you try your level best to keep the filter vertically.

Clean with hot water

When you’re using a dishwasher means cleaning the filter again and again then the dishwasher becomes dirty because of having the pots and pans cycle option. Then try more than your level best to clean the dishwasher as well. You should try to clean the dishwasher with hot water, because of more effective for dirty things.

Dry your filter.

When you use the dishwasher for cleaning purposes then it became wet. To make it useable again dry the filter and dishwasher. You can dry the filter by letting air or running a drying cycle on it. Now it can be reused again.

What can you do to maintain your range hood’s longevity?

When you want the filter to work effectively for a long time, then you need filter cleaning, because it has many benefits including effective grease & smoke removal, improving power efficiency, and easier cleaning for the long run.

You can wash the filter by hand or in the dishwasher. But here we talk about how to clean range hood filter in dishwasher. Remove the filter from the hood carefully, and fill a sink with hot water, baking soda, and dish soap.

Submerge the filter in water, after some time takes out the filter scrub it carefully, place it into the dishwasher, and dry it. When you do this every month, your filter will work for a long time.

Why You Should Regularly Clean Your Range Hood Filter

Maintaining a range hood filter is more essential because it depends on your health, indoor air quality is affected by cooking, no matter, that what kind of cooking you cook in your kitchen, and how it releases the chemical into the air, indoor pollution can lead to respiratory issues and affect the other area of your health.

Your kitchen range hood fan is the more powerful tool that you have to ensure to clean the air in your home. Keep it clean and increase the efficiency, extending the life of the filter to remove the smoke and particulates grease from your entire kitchen environment.

In short! You should keep your filter clean because when the grease builds up it can cause to lead to a fire hazard. Once you know how to clean the range hood filter in the dishwasher, then you will become an easy step in your kitchen maintenances routine.

How Often Should You Clean The Range Hood Filter?

You have to clean the range hood within a year must, but we recommend to you that washed it in a month in order of great care. When you clean it in a month, it works well and faster each time. It prevents greases very faster.

The dirtiness of the range hood depends on your cooking, if you cook a lot then, of course, it will dirty according to your cooking. So you have to clean it very soon (in a month). If you don’t cook a lot then it doesn’t matter one must clean in a month.

If you can’t estimate your cooking work then try to look at the range hood from the bottom for checking that it is clean or dirty. If you clean it regularly then it will increase its longevity.


We install the range hood in a kitchen for cleaning the kitchen from smoke, greases, etc. with the passage of time on cleaning it becomes dirty. So, therefore, we show you how to clean range hood filter in dishwasher.

Cleaning dishwasher I explain above in detail and step by step. Hopefully, you will understand how to wash it. We also explained that when you washed regularly it will increase its longevity. We also recommend to you that try more than your level best to wash the filter in a month, because it is the major thing for increasing its longevity.

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