How To Clean Range Hood Duct In A Few Easy Steps

The question arises an everyone in mind that how to clean range hood duct, but it is the most essential part of the range hood. It needs to be clean twice within a year. Because a range hood sucks all the grease, fumes, and smoke, and removes it through the duct.

how to clean range hood duct

Did you know how to clean range hood duct, it needs maintenance to improve its survival & ensure it remains effective? Everyone is confused about this, don’t worry we are here, we will walkthrough the complete process, so stay with us.

A range hood duct should be necessary, as long as you maintain your range hood, when your ductwork will require cleaning, then you need to call a duct cleaning company in your area. It has a specialized service that requires equipment that most HVAC companies don’t have.

So many of these companies can clean heating & air ducts, but not ductwork in your kitchen. You’ll need to do some research on the duct cleaning companies in your area to find out a reliable business. Your local HVAC Company should be able to refer you to a reputable drain cleaning business.

Do I need to replace my range hood ductwork?

If the hood is not venting accurately outside your home, then your ductwork can be small in diameter and you have no amount of cleaning that will fix this problem. Then the airflow is too restricted.

Then you can feel when the grease builds up inside, or you may notice that the unwanted air & smoke remain in your home, after your range hood has been executed.

how to clean a ducted range hood

Then these cases we recommend you choose a large duct. A large duct can be easy in cleaning and the grease, fumes or other harmful air can easily flow outside. We have a sizing chart here, that will help you to make an informed decision when replacing your ductwork.

sizing chart

Larger ductwork will give your kitchen air more room to move outside of your home, you’ll enjoy cleaning & fresh the kitchen air.

Should I Really That How To Clean Range Hood Duct?

It’s not recommended to clean the duct, but there are several measures that you can take to keep your range hood efficient, and also mentioned above, if ductwork is too small, cleaning then will not provide a solution. Yet, here there are a couple of situations where cleaning your duct might be appropriate.

  • You were not aware of how to clean range hood duct properly and maintain, consequently your ductwork, both are required for cleaning.
  • You were not aware of how to clean range hood duct properly and maintain, consequently your ductwork, both are required for cleaning.
  • You produce an unusually large amount of indoor air pollutants, including greases, dirt, smoke, and other chemicals such as carbon monoxide.

How can I maintain my range hood to avoid purchasing duct cleaning services?

Keeping your range hood predominantly involves cleaning the outside of the hood, the filters, & the blower. If your range hood becomes dirty, then you can’t do its job effectively.

A glass cleaner works great for a duct to clean on the inside of your range hood, and its duct. Watch the video below for some other strategies for cleaning your range hood.

how to clean range hood duct

Along with the range hood, you’ll need to maintain the filter, these can be washed by hand with hot water and baking soda or tossed in the dishwasher for quick cleaning. Finally, you should rarely clean your blower. This is of the deepest importance, especially if you are following out other recommended maintenance.

How do you clean the inside of a range hood?

A glass cleaner or liquid dish soap is great for the inside of your stainless steel range hood just like the outside. For a detailed step-by-step guide, check out this article.

  • Simply remove your range hood filter, & place it in your sink.
  • Use a spray bottle that is filled with degreaser to backing soda the filter. We have found that using a commercial grade degreaser does wonder.
  • Let a backing soda filter sit for a few minutes in the sink, then use hot water to rinse the filter.
  • If the hot water doesn’t get deep grease that has built up, use a brush to scrub it loose.
  • The filter can be returned to the range hood once it has dried.


A dirty duct can be dangerous for human health, you just need to have a habit that cleaning a range hood and its duct after a certain time, as I said above. With the dirty duct, not only bacteria can be grown inside, it affects the efficiency of the range hood which can be decreased by using a thick layer of grease.

As we discuss & explained how to clean range hood duct already above, so be careful to read it & clean your duct, its filters, and even the entire range hood at least twice the year.

You can do it when the range hood duct gets dirty, it doesn’t take much time to clean, and we will not deny that fact, but it’s needed to clean the range hood pretty difficult. But it is essential.