How To Clean Commercial Hood Filters With Detailed Guide

The Best way to ensure that How To Clean Commercial Hood Filters and how can check their performance. All processes make regular exchange & cleaning of your kitchen’s filter easy. We will come with you at that time in your suit and carry out all work promptly.

how to clean commercial hood filters

The hood filters grease management’s first defense line and ensure its exhaust ventilation system. Without the filter, the building is susceptible to fires, and the amount of smoke and grease fume could fill the air. It can cause many diseases and can take high risks. So therefore, it’s essential to keep the hood and exhaust system and clean them carefully.

The commercial hood filter can be cleaned in three different ways, depending on you and your preference. They can be washed by hand, soak tank, or commercial dishwasher.

In this guide, we’ll show you How To Clean Commercial Hood Filters step by step. And also, we will explain why it’s essential to clean all the elements of the exhaust hood system.

Ways to Clean a Commercial Hood Filter

Commercial hood filters are made of high-quality stainless steel or aluminum. Still, these materials can be easily caked with grease over time and must be removed. So here are three ways to clean the commercial hood filter easily.

It can be cleaned by hand, dishwasher, or soak tank. But each method has its advantage and disadvantage regarding time and efficiency.

Here we discuss each cleaning method, helpful tips regarding avoiding products, and which method might be best for your commercial. We recommend weighing your commercial hood before & after cleaning. So you see the clarity of how much grease is removed each time.

Commercial Dishwasher

If you want to wash the commercial filter through a commercial dishwasher, remove all the exterior residue from the filter before placing it into the dishwasher. Put the filter at the highest temperature with soap & water. But avoid corrosive chemicals like bleach and or certain cleaners.

It is a time-saver, and it cleans the filter quickly. But it still requires a little manual labor to remove exterior residue and could damage your commercial dishwasher if misused. Please don’t use a chemical that damages your hood filters, leaving them susceptible to rust.

Soak Tank

A soak tank is the easiest method to clean the filter. But it is too time-consuming. You fill your soak tank with water and a metal-safe cleaner for this process. Then, all you have to do this put the filter in a soak tank and leave them for 24 hours. After that, remove it, wash it with water, and then reinstall it.

Hand Washing

Hand washing is another way to clean the filer manually. But you are sure that the best way to ensure every look and cranny of the commercial hood filter is clean and free of grease.

In this method, fill the filter into the sink with hot water and add either a limited amount of metal-safe soap or degreaser. And allow the filter to sit in hot water with soap or degreaser for 30 minutes.

Fill the filter into the liquid and scrub them with a non-abrasive scrubber or sponge. But once again, we alert you! Don’t use any harsh chemicals like bleach for this process. 

How Often You Should Clean Kitchen Filters

The frequency at which you should wash your kitchen filter. It depends on the style and hours of your cooking.

For example:

If you are busy and do a lot of deep-frying, work cooking, and grilling. You will need to clean or exchange your kitchen filter more regularly.

How Often Should a Commercial Hood Filter Be Cleaned?

If frequency to cleaning various exhaust hood systems. It depends on how much fog is created inside the building, which might stick t parts within the system.

The Commerical hood needs to be cleaned daily with high performance that emits enough Fog and at least weekly for low performance that doesn’t emit these gases and residues as frequently.

Cleaning the Hood Filters

After removing the grease receptacles filter, remove the filters from the range hood and soak them in detergent and hot water to break down and remove any greasy. If the filter is heavily caked in grease, it may be necessary to soak them for a couple of hours overnight to lose the fat and oil.

After washing, you lightly scrub the filter to remove the remaining residue or run them through the dishwasher. And then, the filters completely dry before putting them back into the hood.

It would be best if you cleaned for its safety at least once a day, reducing any risks of fires, airborne fog, and strain the system might put on your HVAC system.

Comparatively, you are curious about how frequently the rest of your exhaust hood system needs to be cleaned. In this case, the general rule is to have professionals conduct thorough cleaning and inspection once every three months.

However, the exhaust system used wood or burning filter stoves. It might need cleaning and inspections monthly instead.


Cleaning your commercial hood filters is crucial to the integrity of your exhaust hood system. The grease buildup inside the commercial ducted hood system. And they needed to remove it.

Please don’t wait until your commercial hood filters are covered in grease before you decide to start cleaning them. Add this crucial piece of equipment to the daily cleaning list to ensure that they are sparkling at the beginning of every service.

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