How To Clean A Metal Mesh Cooker Hood Filter With Comprehensive Guide

The question arises for everyone in mind how to clean a metal mesh cooker hood filter. Many modern kitchens have cooker hoods to help you circulate smoke and air in your kitchen to give a healthy environment. Most people don’t know that the cooker hoods feature a filter that removes impurities from the air before circulating.

How to clean a metal mesh cooker hood filter

Did you know it needs maintenance to improve its survival and remain effective? Cleaning the filter can be done. And everyone is confused about this. Don’t be confused, but here we choose these accessible range hood, and their installation & fitting is easy. 

When you fit this range hood in your kitchen, Trust me! It is such an easy to fit and also installation. Now, please scroll down and read all the necessary points I have ready for you after long and deep research. The point would help you, that how to clean a metal mesh cooker hood filter.

Brief Guide About That How To Clean A Metal Mesh Cooker Hood Filter

Now time to discuss briefly | Step-by-Step:

Step 1: Separate the Extractor from the Extractor Hood

Since most filters should slide out of extractor hoods without trouble, the 1st step of cleaning cooker hoods is to separate the filter from the range hood. But most of them are required to lose a screw or something similar.

how to clean a metal mesh cooker hood filter step by steps

Step 2: For deep cleaning make a place

After separating hood filters from the range hood, you need to treat them to deep cleaning from the grease, oil, etc. Wherever you clean your filter, you make sure to fit the whole filter in to submerge it into the water completely. We want to clarify that the entire process is more straightforward & easy.

Step 3: A Solution for Cleaning Your Filters

To clean your filters, Need to create a solution?

You have many things lying around your house that you can use to clean your filters, such as dish soap or bicarbonate of soda. You can mix these items with hot water and then wash your filter.

Step 4: Dip Your Filters

When you mix the bicarbonate of soda and wash it with liquid with hot water, you have to decide to put them into the filter. Now you need to submerge your filter entirely in hot water. Then you see the bicarbonate of soda bubbling during this time. If you want the best result, then make sure that it should be covered.

Step 5: Lets Your Filters Soak

Let your dirty filters rest in hot water and wash with soap and bicarbonate for at least 10 minutes. Then all the grease the extractor fan filter has built up gets removed.

Step 6: Remove Your Filters and Dry

Take an extractor fan filter, and you should see the water has a thick layer of grease on the top. If your extractor fan filter is wet, you must thoroughly dry it. You are allowing your extractor fan filter to dry.

Step 7: put fit your filter into your range hood again

Once your filter is dry, then you can put your filter back into your range hood.

Types of Range Hood Filters

There are many range hood filters, which are discussed below

Carbon Filter

A carbon filter is a filter that is activated inside it. Its suction power is high and removes grassy air traps from clean air. Sometimes, you can use a charcoal filter instead of a carbon filter. Charcoal filters are the same thing.

Metal Filter

Generally, a metal filter is made of stainless steel or aluminum. It is the second type of grease filter. It has very thin metal that is lined up beside each other.

Mesh Filters

Mesh filters are the types of grease filters. It is made of metal. They come in long strands into each other like a net.

Baffle Filters

Baffle filters are made of stainless steel. It has blocked the flames from spreading. It has low maintenance compared to other filters, and they have dishwasher safe as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wash metal cooker hood filters?

If you want to make your life easy and protect your health, then we recommend you should try always to clean the cooker hood filter in a dishwasher.

How do you clean a stainless steel cooker hood?

Combine hot water, vinegar, and a spray bottle. Then spray your glass cleaner on the range hood then wiped it off with a wide cloth on both sides. Then put them again for regular cleaning to mix with warm water, & a bit of mild dish detergent.

How do you clean stainless steel mesh?

A stainless steel mesh filter is easy to get rid of duct & dirt particles with warm water, soap, and weak detergent. It should be cleaned wash with warm water, and weak detergent, the composition of these organic substances is easy to clean with your stainless steel mesh filter.


A dirty range hood can be dangerous for a human being, and you must have a habit of cleaning the range hood after a specific time. Not can only bacteria are grown inside the dirty walls. The efficiency of the range hood can be decreased by using a thick layer of grease.

We explained above from every angle how to clean a metal mesh cooker hood filter, so be careful to read it & clean your metal mesh cooker hood filter at least every month. And you don’t like to stand below and cook in a dirty place. You can do it when the filter gets dirty because cleaning a range hood doesn’t take much time. We will not deny the fact, but it’s needed to cleaning the range hood is pretty tricky, but it is necessary.

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