How To Build A Custom Range Hood Cover | Complete Guide 2022

Looking for the trendy query which newly arises on the internet that is ’how to build a custom range hood cover’ don’t worry you are at the right place, here we have written a detailed guide for you with a complete explanation.

Most kitchen remodels often project includes installing a new range hood. Usually, the few elements of remodeling to come to mind are swapping out the new countertops, backsplash, cabinetry, lighting & fixtures. So don’t overlook a new range hood to custom range hoods.

how to build a custom range hood cover

When you want to build a custom range hood in a new home or planning a kitchen remodel, hope to upgrade your range hood for a more modern look. You can check out my comprehensive guide below on how to build a custom range hood cover to choose the right design & style for your home.

9 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Range Hood Cover

Choosing the right range hood to cover what you think! There are many factors to come before installation to look at an aesthetic range hood, with low costs. Don’t worry we are here to help through the process. Keep in mind before building the custom range hood, check all the following steps.


Definitely! Range hoods take space but make sure before planning the range hood to install, to measure the kitchen that how to save the space. Generally, most range hoods require a distance from 20”-to-24” between the bottoms of the hood.

how to build a custom range hood cover

But need the distance should be 24”-to-30” over the gas stove, because it allows the stove or cooktop which allows for a proper amount of captures, but still it have extra width to finish & create a decorative piece.

Ceiling height

Before building the custom range hood, it is needed to take measure the kitchen ceiling height, because it can affect your kitchen style & looks of the hood. When you want to build the wooden hood housing.

It needs an eight-foot ceiling normal option and for more simple squared design to cover or angled shape or crown.  A nine-foot ceiling may allow for large wooden housing. Which has under-cabinet or storage legs that come down to the counter to finish it off.

Type of range

There are different types of range hoods to choose and it will affect the kind of hood required. So make sure to get the range hood selected first, and may not be ordered until you confirm the two work together as needed.

Before choosing the range hood check its higher amount of BTUs and CFM for the hood ventilation system. In order to move the air quickly and remove fumes, grease, and odors. It depends on your kitchen size, you can choose any range hood according to its kitchen size.

Simple approach

If you buying a range hood, and you don’t have any extra space, maybe a simple chimney-style hood is best to keep within a budget & complicate the installation or venting process. Simple even in these options, you can pick other range hoods (ducted, ductless, glass versus metal canopy) to customize your look.

Kitchen Layout

The installation of the range hood depends on the kitchen layout. Consider your kitchen space, which determines the appropriate size of your range hood cover should be. The general idea of your size option should be to aim to place your hood between 24”-to-30” above the cooktop area.

Exhaust System

The exhausting system is used for exhausting gases away from the kitchen. Through the exhaust system, all the harmful air is removed from the kitchen. With the help of an exhaust system, your kitchen environment is can be kept clean & fresh.   

Fan Power

Before buying a range hood, check the power of the fan that determines the powerful exhaust hood fan should be. The powerful fan should be prevented from lingering in your kitchen after cooking. Your kitchen should replace the air from the kitchen.

Noise Level

The most important thing is to have a loud blowing sound going on in your cooking background. Therefore, a powerful but loud hood may not be worth it. We recommend you choose the version that draws air toward the edges instead of a large surface to reduce a little noise.

Range Hood Costs

The different range hood has different costs, it depends on you which one range hood is used for herself. The average homeowner typically spends between 350$-to-700$ on the range hood. The costs depend on size, energy, materials, and design matter.


We give a complete explication already about that ‘how to build a custom range hood cover’. Overall, the custom range hood covers must in elevating your kitchen design. This range hood is overlooked in any kitchen remodel, but the range hood cover can make a huge difference, to installing the designer to guide the right direction.

We reviewed & explain the idea of building a custom range hood, if you want the quietest, higher BTUs & CFM range hood, then click here.

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