How Much Does A Range Hood Cost With Comprehensive Guide 2022

Most people ask about or search about or feel hesitate to ask how much does a range hood cost so now for that purpose we want to make you aware that the cost of a normal size range hood is about 400 U.S dollars the average cost of the range hood range from 350 to 1500 U.S dollars.

how much does a range hood cost

But most of the range hood’s cost depends upon its exhaust system and the features that come with it. Also, we want to make you aware of the installation time, the average installation time of the range hood is 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours.

A range hood is an essential part of the kitchen, it helps you to remove the greases and smoke from the kitchen to create a healthy environment. If somebody has a chest problem, or he/she has an elegy with smoke, or greases and wants to work in the kitchen, so he/she should go for that range hood.

It has so many features, including ducted and ductless, if it is ducted so it then needs a chimney to pull out all the gas and smoke from the kitchen area, and if is ductless then there is no need. It has lighting features as well which will make your life bright.

It helps you during the cooking at midnight, its lights are focused on the cooking area, it can’t irritate you, because it’s neither much bright and can’t be low. It will solve all your problems and it is not much expensive.

It is also known as an exhaust hood, the hood is designed to keep the air in your kitchen clean. It pulls all the harmful air, smoke, grease, and particles that are produced, outside of the range area. Before the installation, you need at least three inches past the range hood on either side.

It can be installed in different styles, and the average cost is usually around $750 for the installation of the new products like under-cabinet, wall mount, and island range hood.

A quick lookup for how much does a range hood cost table

National Average Cost$700
Average CostFrom $300 to $1500
Low End$320         
High End$1527
Under cabinet$200 to $500
Wall mount$200 to $500
Island range hood$300 to $900
Cabinet insert$420 to $980
Drown draft$1000 to $2450
Price of the Rangehood

How much does a range hood cost? (Buyer & Guide)

We have a lot of experience in installing a range hood over five years. Here I want to explain the cost of all the range hoods that you can choose easily while buying.

Under cabinet

An under-cabinet range hood can be fitted underneath the cabinet. It has a great choice for you because it saves space in the kitchen and maintains extra storage while you get the benefits of the hood. The cost of the cabinet range hood is from $200 to $500.

Wall mount

A wall mount range hoods are a common type of hood, it can mount onto the wall above the top of the stove, which sucks the cooking fumes, greases, and oil to keep your kitchen fresh & clean.

They are often the best choice when you install your cooker against the wall. It comes on the market in different shapes & styles, and ranging from $200 to $500.

Island range hood

An island range hood is specially designed for those kitchens whose area is big. If you have a large kitchen then we recommend you install an island range hood. If you have a cooker base then you need to opt for an island hood away from the wall.

It can’t be mounted on the wall, usually, they need to be stronger with higher CFM to draw the cooking fumes up. It can be hung through the ceiling, and the installation cost is from $300 to $900.

Cabinet Insert Range Hood

A cabinet insert range hood is specially designed for those ventilation units that can fit inside an existing of your cabinetry, the cabinet insert range hood is the best for that kitchen whose area is smaller in size.

It is a good choice for those people with a more rural or country-style kitchen, or those who don’t want a metal hood to visible in their cooking space. They come at a higher cost and range from $420 to $980.

Down-Draft Range Hood

A down-draft range hood integrates the ventilation system directly into the cooking surface, to eliminate the heat, smoke, greases, and fumes. It pulls them down & out of the kitchen before they escape into the air.

They are the most popular in many contemporary homes, and they are much smaller & sleeker than the classic range hoods of the past. The hoods are much quite expensive, the cost of this hood is from $1,000 to $24, 00, it takes up less space in the kitchen & looks minimalistic.

Exhaust types:

Before the appearance & location of the hood just focus on a couple of things about when you buy a range hood. The exhaust is direct how it is moved plays role in the type of hood you purchase & the cost of its installation.


A ducted range hood is needed a chimney that is connected to your kitchen through an extractor fan which sucks the airborne particles from your kitchen to the outdoors. The installation of the ducted is simple and the cost of the ducted range hood is from $100 to $1000.


It is also called a vented range hood, it has a fan that sucks all the harmful air from the kitchen and then recirculates the air into the kitchen, it is no need for a chimney, instead, a chimney recirculates the air and then releases back to the kitchen. The installation of the ductless is simple and the cost of the ductless range hood is from $100 to $300.


A convertible range hood is a versatile appliance that can function either duct or without a duct system. It comes with many features and they attached them to a ventilation system, but they also have a charcoal filter for ductless operation.

Range Hood Enhancement and Improvement


Nowadays the lighting features are built-in that brighten your kitchen. This the most popular features that don’t impact the cost of the hood. It helps you the cooking in dark.

Labor Cost

Here a question arises how much does a range hood cost, in these questions a labor cost question is also included. Labor costs are dependent on your exhaust system, if you have already an exhaust system there then only $250 will cost the labor, otherwise, if you want to install a new exhaust system, then the cost will be up to $400.


In this article, we explained “how much does a range hood cost” with the comprehensive guide. Before buying the range hood, you need to find the cost (price, delivery, and labor cost).

This article will help you in finding all prices of the range hoods we explained above all the prices with a complete explanation in a table. We also explained the average cost which ranges from 400 U.S dollars to 1500 U.S dollars.

We also explained the installation cost of the range hood, if you have already the exhaust system then the installation cost of the labor will be $250, and if not then the labor cost will be $400.