How Many Sones Is a Quiet Range Hood With Comprehensive Guide 2022

Looking for the trendy query which arises on the internet that how many sones is a quiet range hood, don’t worry here we have written a detailed guide for you with comprehensive explanations.

We are exposed to noise on the street, city, or inside the house, which may not necessarily be a part of the range hood. It comes with various choices and is also different in sound, power, and placement. It can be installed on the wall, island, and under-cabinet.

How many sones is a quiet range hood

It depends on the style and penchants of your kitchen. A range hood makes an exceptional addition for many reasons, better cooking experience, clean the air & surface, aesthetic appeal, and more, but choosing the accurate range hood can often be an overwhelming process.

A quiet range hood can make pleasant, the conversational gathering as everyone freshly prepared meal right off the stove it can get in the way of conversation, embarrass the hosts, and make a downright unpleasant gathering as everyone yet over your 6 sone hood.

The range hood may be loud, but the most common trouble for people who have their range hood is noise. Typically the range hoods produce between three-to-seven sones of sound. In this post, we will explain how many sones is a quiet range hood and how many sones is quiet that you may find the best one for you.

Benefits of Sones Quiet Range Hood

Typically, a quiet range hood is between 5-to-13 sones depending on their structure design, size, and power. We found in our research is between one-to-four sones, depending on how high you are setting the fan.

First of all, here we generate some questions about the quiet range hood is, what are sones? How a particular sound is perceived by an average listener, sone is a measurement that is usually provided by the manufacturer so you can make the most affordable choice for your kitchen.

The best quiet range hood is the Cosmo 5HMU 30 inch under cabinet range hood that can convert the operation between duct to ductless with a carbon filter kit.

How Many Sones is Quiet Rating

A sone is a unit of sound that can be used to calculate the noise level, such as fans, bathroom fans, and others found in your range hood. One sone is equal about to 1,000HZ with a sound level about 45 decibels above the normal reference level.

In other words, a sound can deliver over four sones about four-time louder than the normal reference level, however, it’s essential that two sones don’t add up to 80 decibels. Decibels don’t increase at a linear level, instead, they follow a curve that slowly flattens out.

The formula that you convert the sones into decibels is

dB = 33.2* log 10 (Sones) + 28 to convert one sone to decibels

and  dB = 33.2*log10(1) + 28 = 28 dB is convert decibels to sones.

So Sones== 10 ((db-28) / 33.2)

Note: In the following table we show that sones are equal to decibels.


What to Consider Before Purchasing Range Hood


If you plan to install and access the quietest range hood, then you need to know the exact cuisine to compete with the range hood installation parts. But unfortunately, it does not come suitable for everyone to fit the size & shape of the kitchen.

There are many range hood that comes perfectly with three types of range hood ducting, ductless, ceiling ducted, or direct outlet. The first thing is to consider whether you hiring an expert and an efficient effective option which is always the case with any vent hood system.


There are many Varieties in this type of range hood according to prices, but the average price is about from 100$ to 300$. In general, the everyone range hood has a budget, of course, there is a range hood out that there may be available under it.

Before buying the range hood, keep in mind that just less price doesn’t mean bad quality. Inexpensive types of range hoods may work better than expensive range hoods for some people.

Some range hoods costly may be best for some households, so that is another thing you’ll want to think about before purchasing.

Noise level

These range hoods also produce a small type of sound, the sound doesn’t depend often on the CFM of the range hood. The sound is constant whether the CFM is high or low, but try to go choosing high CFM.

Some hood comes completely silent, some are designed to be silent. You will realize when you use it, but you have to be able to keep the conversation going without yelling at each other.

Final Thoughts about How Many Sones Is a Quiet Range Hood

As we have discussed above that how many sones is a quiet range hood. We also discussed the benefits of sones quiet range hoods, further, we talked about that what to consider before purchasing, quiet rating, and how to install that range hood.

Cosmo 5MU30 is one of the affordable and great functional range hoods for most consumers. It approximately emits seven sones during operation.

The Broan NU-Tone Rangehood is also one of the quiet and most affordable range hoods with approximately operates at 1.5 sones.

The Hauslane series range hood is mostly used for a kitchen. It needs very heavy ventilation, it is a wall mount type range hood, it has six speed-setting which enable it to operate between 1.5 to 3.5 sone.

While purchasing range hood people are mostly confused in sone and for extremely quiet range hoods. Sones start from 1 for the extremely quietly range hood, and so on. But again as on the search base, one sone rating range hood is not capable to ventilate your kitchen.

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