How Does A Range Hood Work | Detailed Guide 2022

Most people think that how does a range hood work. A range hood is an important appliance for the kitchen, it works efficiently to remove the greases, fumes, oil, steam, and smoke from the kitchen. Here I have written a well-written article about the range hoods with complete detail & explanations. 

A range hood consists of a fan, blower motor, extract air pollution that causes by cooking. It captures & eliminates the contaminated air at the source, the range hood maintains the quality of air in the kitchen and makes cleaning much easier.

How does a range hood work

It is electric appliances that mount over the top of the stove to eliminate the smelly gases from your cooking. It can be ducted or ductless range hoods. A ducted range hood sucks the harmful particles from the cooking and directs them outside your home. While ductless range hoods works recirculate the air through the filter.

Most range hoods consist of different parts that take in the cleaning of air to keep the kitchen clean & fresh. It comes with lighting, filters, a fan speed selector switch, and a blower. This article looks at how a range hood works by looking at its different elements & functions.

How does a ducted range hood work?

A ducted range hood pulls/sucks the air through ductwork that can run through your wall or ceiling & then outside your house. This air can include grease, fumes, smokes, and other toxic particles passed through a series of filters before they make it into the ductwork.

It is the most effective option in your home. It will trap all the grease and dirt particles in your home, and it filters all the grease, dirt, and chemicals in the air outside your home.

How does a ductless range hood work?

A ductless/ recirculating range hood filter air through charcoal filters & recirculate it back into the kitchen. Its filter trap unwanted contaminants & does an average job of neutralizing odors. A ductless range hood carries the smoke, greases from the air, and filters it through a charcoal or carbon filter before releasing it back into the room.

How does a convertible range hood work

A convertible range hood can be converted from ducted or ductless. A range hood comes with a carbon filter kit that works to convert ducted to ductless and ductless to the duct. Nowadays it’s most popular because it can be used in ducted or ductless as well.

Most people prefer the convertible range hood because it can be both ducted and ductless. This one is a great choose to like the quality & style of the ducted hood but want to install it as ductless.

Basic Component of range hood works?

As you think about the range hood that how does a range hood work? A range hood works with the help of these of the below components, which will discuss one by one.


Most of the range hoods come with a single blower, but now a day dual blower is common as well. A blower consists of some protective fan blades & a motor.

Blower Types

The blower has three types: inline blower, external blower, and local blower. The blowers are the most common followed by a remote blower. A local blower is inside the hood, and it is installed within your ductwork.

The local blower is further from the range hood & this quieter than local blowers. It also comes with an external blower as well, you can choose it to install because it has an extra expense but this type of range hood goes outside on the home.


The range hood includes a control panel, it can control the functions of the range hood through push buttons, it has high quality LED touch panels, powerful fan speed, all the things you can control through push buttons.


A range hood comes with LED lights or Halogen lights. Some lights produce heat lamps as well, they are really convenient. The lights help you when you cook the cooking. A halogen’s LEDs will last you a long time, in particular, will last years.

But the lights are not more bright to irritate you, and nor too low that you can’t see properly. When your lights may burn out occasionally, in this case, you can replace them easily.

Filter Types

There are three different types of filters

•             Stainless steel mesh filter

•             Stainless steel baffle filter

•             Charcoal filter.

Most of the range hood comes with stainless steel mesh filters, but you can select a model that comes with a baffle filter. A charcoal filter is paired with either mesh or baffle filters in our ductless models. A filter can filter the unwanted air from the kitchen and outside efficiently.


When you want to purchase or upgrade your kitchen appliances or the range hood, and you think that how does a range hood work? You are here at the right place to study the range hood. Before purchasing you must keep in mind some of the mentioned things.

We already explained completely in the above articles, that how does a range hood work (ducted, ductless, and convertible), it makes your kitchen look neat & spacious work effectively to purify the kitchen from smoke, fumes, and greases, to allow you to breathe while you cooking.

You can read the basic component before purchasing the range hood, it depends on your kitchen area, types & purpose, and you can select which is the best suit for you as per their work.

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