Top 7 Best Ductless Ceiling Mount Range Hood | Complete Guide 2022

When you cook the cooking, it creates toxic smoke, grease, and other harmful air that can affect your health. You need to install a ductless ceiling mount range hood that sucks all the things that can affect you and your health.

A cooking appliance range hood & cooktops allow you to craft an exciting meal for family and friends, but the way to help you to contribute some of the worst messages in your kitchen. When you cook the cooking, you are constantly creating steam, smoke, grease, and other substances that fill the air surrounding your cooking space.

Ductless ceiling mount range hood

Then you need to clean the airborne pollutants, you will definitely want to invest in a powerful range hood, and that powerful range hood is a ductless ceiling mount range hood. We recommend you install this ceiling mount range hood.

A range hood is needed for those people who have problems breathing during the cooking. With the help of this ductless range hood, you can spend a lot of time in the kitchen without any hesitation making delicious cooking.

A ductless range hood comes to powerful ventilation to promote around your cooking space, to remove smoke, steam, grease, and other toxic air to make your kitchen comfortable & clean. If you don’t know about the different types of range hood that are available in today’s market.

We help you to get and informed the compiled some useful information on the following common types of range hoods for your kitchen.

Quick Look Of Best Ductless Ceiling Mount Range Hood | Top 7 Picks (2022)

ImageProductDetails  Price
backpacFuturo Futuro Island-Mount Range Hood 14″Brand Name: ‎Futuro

Item Weight:‎
35 pounds

120 Volts

14 x 14 x 30 inches
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backpacFuturo Futuro Monolith 40 Inch mount ductless range hoodBrand Name: ‎Futuro Futuro

Item Weight:
‎ 50 pounds

48 x 40 x 23 inches
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cordlessblowerZUHNE Island Mount Range HoodBrand Name: Zuhne

Item Weight:
‎ 80 pounds

120 Volts

35.4 x 23.5 x 26 inches
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cordlessblowerZLINE KB-36 KB-36 Range Hood, 36 in, Stainless-SteelBrand Name: ZLINE

Item Weight:‎
44 pounds

120 Volts

‎36 x 19.7 x 10.5 inches
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cordlessblowerPerfetto Kitchen and Bath 36 in. Convertible Mount Kitchen Range HoodBrand Name: Perfetto Kitchen and Bath

Item Weight:‎
‎61 pounds

‎23.6 x 35.2 x 44.8 inches
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cordlessblowerFuturo Futuro Island-mount Range Hood 16″Brand Name: ‎Futuro Futuro

Item Weight:
‎ ‎35 pounds

48 x 40 x 25 inches
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cordlessblowerKitchen Bath Collection 30-inch Wall-mounted Stainless Steel Range HoodBrand Name: Kitchen Bath Collection

Item Weight:‎
35 pounds

30 x 20 x 28 inches
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1.Futuro Futuro Island-Mount Range Hood 14″

Top 7 Best Ductless Ceiling Mount Range Hood | Complete Guide 2022Top 7 Best Ductless Ceiling Mount Range Hood | Complete Guide 2022

Futuro ductless ceiling mount range hood has an innovative circular design that will smooth out the appearance of any kitchen. It makes a perfect centerpiece with a beautiful shine that will bring to a modern kitchen.

It has the highest grade stainless steel, cutting-edge technology, and premium Italian craftsmanship. A future futuro’s hoods bring the perfect combination of form and function.

Always using the finest stainless steel and premium Italian craftsmanship, the Futuro Futuro Jupiter range hoods will brighten and look new for years to come, without any exterior corners or corners. The hood makes guests feel comfortable no matter where they are in the kitchen.

It gives 940 CFM to suck all the toxic air to create a healthy environment, you can spend a lot of time in the kitchen to make delicious cooking. It keeps your kitchen peaceful & quiet at all times. You’ll never hear any annoying running mood for cooking again.

This island range hood has easy-to-remove & dishwasher-safe metal mesh grease filters that stay clean and bring a beautiful texture to the bottom of the hood.

When it is time for tossed the filter into the dishwasher for quick cleaning, the innovative and user-friendly controls panel will send you a simple reminder, from the same control panel you also can set a 10 to 20 minutes delayed shut-off timer. You can switch between any of four adjustable speeds, & controls the lighting all just touch of a button.

  • This Island-Mount Range Hood 14″ gives 940-CFM
  • It comes with permanent filter and high illuminate lighting
  • Fan is effective without glass hood option!
  • it’s impossible to install a range hood on a slopped ceiling

2. Futuro Futuro Monolith 40 Inch mount ductless range hood

Top 7 Best Ductless Ceiling Mount Range Hood | Complete Guide 2022

When you install the future 40 inches ductless ceiling mount range hood, it will depart the traditional range hood you introduce, because the designer exudes an urban vibe with its cement finish, creating a neutral backdrop for almost any style of kitchen.

It has four different airflow speeds, environmentally-friendly LED lights, and a built-in illuminated control panel that includes a wireless remote, both low sloped ceilings and high vaulted ceilings are easily accommodated with the adjustable cables.

This luxury range hood is furnished with cutting-edge technology that facilitates consistent, powerful air filtration and eliminates the need for an exhaust duct. This stainless steel range hood contains the revolutionary Micro Carbon Infusion Filter, which quickly absorbs and traps steam, smoke, and odors from the air at whisper-quiet levels thanks to Futuros new generation of exclusive sound absorption technology

It comes with a carbon filter boasts a long lifespan and replicates the efficiency and advantages of a ducted range without requiring the laborious and expensive process of installing a duct. Daily use is simple and straightforward with this ductless range hood’s integrated smart technology and convenient features.

This Italian range hood possesses dishwasher-safe metal grease filters and a delayed shut-off function, which ensures the complete removal of odors, contaminants, and impurities from the air after you have finished cooking.

  • Ultra-quiet range hood
  • Four speed sensitive touch controllers.
  • It has an LED lights, and dishwasher-safe filters
  • The installation is difficult as compare to other range hoods.

3. ZUHNE Island Mount Range Hood

Top 7 Best Ductless Ceiling Mount Range Hood | Complete Guide 2022

Zuhne’s best ductless ceiling mount range hood will likely appeal to homeowners with taller ceilings that’s a good thing. Normally it comes with iChorus-plus that can fit into ceiling spaces up to 10-12 feet in height & arrives with a 2.5-foot chimney extension.

It comes with a charcoal filter that removes toxic air from the kitchen and creates a healthy environment. With the help of this Zuhne island mount range hood, you breathe easily and can spend a lot of time preparing delicious cooking.

This model is designed to be as quiet as possible for power at a maximum speed of 52 dB. This is probably best used for heavy kitchens. It is equipped with two 3-watt LED lights and has a dishwasher-safe buffalo filter.

The weight of this Zuhne island mount range hood at 80 IBS, and measures 35.4” x 23.5” x 26”, built & finished in stainless steel for years and years of use. It consumes 120V with the potential for 600 CFM over three-speed settings.

It has a carbon filter kit that converts the operation duct to ductless and it is suitable for those kitchens whose area is big, it’s already fitted with around 6” duct & arrives with an anti-backflow fitting.

  • Awesome looking unit
  • It’s better for taller ceilings
  • Easy to clean
  • It’s generally agreed between customers that the installation can be tricky.

4. ZLINE KB-36 KB-36 Range Hood, 36 in, Stainless-Steel

Top 7 Best Ductless Ceiling Mount Range Hood | Complete Guide 2022

Zline’s ZLKB36 ductless ceiling mount range hood comes with a four-speed setting and a reputation for being extremely quiet when running at full power. It’s best to be appealing to any busy kitchen, and it is impartially affordable at least in terms of the features that arrive onboard.

This ceiling mount range hood arrives with two telescopic chimneys to support and measure. The unit is 36” x 10.5” x 16” itself and its boasts an impressive 750 CFM. The standard voltage onboard is 120V and 60HZ.

It comes with an extension Chimney that is Available for up to a 12′ Ceiling This Attractive and Versatile ceiling mount Range Hood looks great and works effectively in every size. It has four-speed button controls and three stainless steel dishwasher-safe baffle filters.

Its filter sucks the harmful air that can affect your health and remove them easily from the kitchen. With the help of this ductless range hood, you can spend a lot of time in the kitchen making delicious cooking.

The installation is easy and it has a carbon filter kit (included in the package) that converts the operation (ducted to ductless) and adds an optional activated charcoal filter to build years of trouble-free use.

It’s certificate & approved from North America, and you can find out directly through plugging or wiring with a 6” transition part. It’s meaning a round duct with 6” is going to be recommended for operation.

  • This hoods is an excellent, professional and attractive
  • Easy to install, and great suction.
  • it looks great
  • Noise level at range 1 is adequate with increasing noise on level 2,3 and 4

5. Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 36 in. Convertible Mount Kitchen Range Hood

Top 7 Best Ductless Ceiling Mount Range Hood | Complete Guide 2022Top 7 Best Ductless Ceiling Mount Range Hood | Complete Guide 2022

A Perfetto ductless ceiling mount range hood is popular for its sleek, slim and stunning design. It’s not a brand because most of its competitors have quickly built strong customer service.

This innovative dual side sliding touch control panel & features give a 350 CFM blower and three-speed fan to operate with intuitive digital controls, and it comes with 1.5 watts LED light bulbs, and offers the best elegant illumination for your cooktop.

It is adjusted with a 6-inch round duct diameter, although you can purchase the colorless version. A perfetto kitchen 36-inch ventilate your kitchen quickly because it sucks all the toxic gas that can affect your health, & create an awesome environment.

A recirculating range hood is easy to install with three different fan speeds for control and is certified with ETL standards. It has two stainless steel baffle filters with a wide filtration area to quickly remove smoke and fumes.

The ultra-quiet fan keeps the noise level below 60db at full speed, so a compatible fireplace and brushed stainless steel heated glass can enhance the beauty and functionality of your kitchen. A carbon filter kit (CF0011) is included for ductless recirculation installation.

  • Dual Side Touch Panel
  • It is used a stainless steel & tempered glass material
  • 3-Year Limited Parts Warranty
  • Required 8-to-8.5 ft ceiling Height.

6. Futuro Futuro Island-mount Range Hood 16″

Top 7 Best Ductless Ceiling Mount Range Hood | Complete Guide 2022Top 7 Best Ductless Ceiling Mount Range Hood | Complete Guide 2022

If you want a professional kitchen that makes an elegant & stately addition to your kitchen, we recommend you install the best ductless ceiling mount range hood, because it works efficiently & practical ventilation functionality.

This luxury professional range hood is a singular & dynamic combination of ability & style. It comes with a contemporary range hood that builds from high-grade steel and features a black enamel paint on its exterior that is applied using a unique technique.

This powerful and robust suspended range hood features an air filtration system that works diligently to keep your kitchen clear of smoke, grease, steam, and unwanted odors. A Futuro Futuro’s suction system redirects airflow from the center of the exhaust hood to the edges.

That increases the suction of smoke, grease, smoke, and odors while going at a whisper-quiet level. The ventilation hood contains a dishwasher-safe metal grease filter that easily entraps grease and oil during use.

This design offers four airflow speeds, a built-in control panel, and energy-efficient LED lights. When you used regular & maintenance then this black range hood automated reminders indicate when it’s time to clean the grease filters in the dishwasher to maintain optimal performance.

This mount range hood also boasts a convenient delayed shut-off function, which keeps an exhaust hood running after you have finished cooking until all airborne contaminants have been removed from the air.

  • Having four LED lights
  • Ultra-quiet 940 CFM blower
  • Touch & sensitive control panel
  • Available in the market only black color

7. Kitchen Bath Collection 30-inch Wall-mounted Stainless Steel Range Hood

Top 7 Best Ductless Ceiling Mount Range Hood | Complete Guide 2022Top 7 Best Ductless Ceiling Mount Range Hood | Complete Guide 2022

A kitchen bath collection 30-inch ductless ceiling mount range hood offering a decent amount of power & control. It provides 412 CFM (cubic feet per minute) & three-speed system. It has a powerful & impressively motor that works efficiently.

It sucks the toxic air from the kitchen to create a healthy environment. It is best for those people who have problems from grease, smoke, and other harmful air. This mounted stainless steel range hood removes all the things that can affect your health.

It has many features, but one of the best features, you can adjust it everywhere where you need. It is flexible & comfortable to fit in the majority of homes. It arrives with a charcoal filter if you want to go as ductless. 

It has two LED lights that can be used during cooking at midnight. Its lights are neither much bright to irritate you nor too low that you can’t see the cooking properly. The installation of the kitchen bath collection range hood is easy as compared to others.

The unit is 35 lbs weight & the dimension is 29.5” wide x 19.7” deep x 9.8” in height, and its exhaust vent is 6” diameter, on the height for a chimneypiece, you can adjust the maximum of 41 inches.

It can execute at 120V & 60Hz, and its LED lights consume 1.5-watts of electricity. The ventilation can run up via ceiling through the wall, and it’s fitted with a 6-inch circular duct.

  • Its filter can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher.
  • Made with 304 stainless steel construction
  • Great looking hood that certain to run for years
  • Its lights brighter

Buying & Guide for a ductless ceiling mount range hood Consideration

Wall-mount range hoods

A Wall mount range hood is the type of range hood that is hanging over the wall when you want to save space in the kitchen, wall mount range hoods are the best choice to install and save space.

They are directly installed in your wall and they are aligned with your kitchen’s pre-existing duct system for ventilation. It is also called a wall-mount chimney range hood because they are similar in shape to a traditional chimney.  Wall mount range hood coverage more space your cooking space as compared to others.

Island range hoods

An island range hood is the type of range hood that provides suitable ventilation for a cooktop, this hood is not installed alongside the wall. Island hood is similar in design to wall-mount hoods but they don’t need to install alongside the wall.

It has many features like saving space hanging through the ceiling, attractive design, and sucks dirty air up and out of your cooking space. They are expensive as compared to others, but generally, they come with added style.

The hoods often feature sleek, contemporary designs and make them an ideal choice to install for an elegant, and refined kitchen. 

Under-cabinet range hoods

Under-cabinet is the most popular range hood they are found in every home, and they are probably the most common types of the hood are available. This hood is installed under cabinet and above the cooktop area.

They offer an attractive design and are manufactured in standard varieties (ducted & ductless). A ducted under cabinet range hood transports the smoke and airborne pollutants outside, while a ductless range hood recirculates the dirty air.

The unit comes in a different wide range of styles, sizes & designs, to allow you to select the perfect choice for your home.

Cabinet insert hoods

For better customization, you may want to consider investing in a cabinet insert hood. The unit is sometimes referred to as a power pack and is designed for installation within an existing cabinet or range hood.

A cabinet insert features blowers well as speed to controls & lights, but they don’t feature the complete ventilation system and they come with other types of hoods.

An insert hood is used as the base for a custom-designed range hood to provide the core features you need while allowing you to design a ventilation system to match your kitchen layout.

Downdraft range hoods

Most of the hoods are designed to pull fumes up towards the ceiling, but a downdraft range hoods work against the direction, pulling air in a downward direction out of your cooking space.

The downdraft range hood is installed behind your cooktop & reverses the direction of rising air by pulling it down and pushing it out through ducts beneath the floor. Typically a downdraft range hood can be a suitable addition to the space that offers the ventilation capabilities you need in a unique eye-catching design.

Benefits of a range hood

A range hood is installed above your cooktop area and it provides added best ventilation for the cooking space. It may not necessary but actually, it has many benefits of the range hood. When you combined its benefits it helps us to provide both cleanliness & comfort to your home.

Remove kitchen heat

A ductless ceiling mount range hood is designed to provide the best ventilation for your kitchen, and the benefit of the hood’s ventilation, functions is the removal of excess heat.

When a range hood removes the steam and smoke from the kitchen, it also removes the heat from the space. The blower of the hoods will suck all the steam, smoke, and hot air from your kitchen, pushing it out of your home through a duct or recirculating it into the space with a cooling effect.

While a range hood will not cool your kitchens as well as an air conditioner will using the hood can help transform a steamy or hot kitchen into a more comfortable cooking space.

Promote kitchen cleanliness

The primary purpose of a range hood is to ventilate your kitchen and remove airborne smoke, steam, grease, and other gas from your cooking space. With the push of a button, your hood will begin to filter these pollutants from the cooking area, reducing the potential for bacteria growth in your kitchen while also improving indoor air quality. Using a range hood will ultimately help make your kitchen a clean, healthy living space.

Extra Light

A kitchen is a hub of activity in your home, whether that be cooking, cleaning, or entertaining guests. A range hood will help you to keep the space clean, but it can also provide extra light in your kitchen.

Nowadays range hoods feature built-in lights to illuminate your cooking space and provide the convenience feature that pleases many homeowners. The lamps are especially useful when you are cleaning your cooking or other nearby cooking areas, with the help of extra lamps you can help to find hidden stoves, heat, and oil. This added convenience helps you add the ideal amount of light to your kitchen for almost any situation, bringing additional comfort to the room.


Nowadays, everyone wants to have a modern kitchen without any harmful air, grease, smoke, and other gas that can affect human health. That is why we recommend you install a ductless ceiling mount range hood.

It sucks all the air that can affect human health, and it creates a healthy environment. You can spend a lot of time in the kitchen making delicious cooking without any hesitation. You will feel cooking fresh and clean.

We reviewed all these range hood that works in your kitchen effectually. You should buy this ductless mounted-range hood to keep in mind the airflow rate, noise, and of course the filtration.  

Hopefully, you will find here in the above list, the best ductless ceiling mount-range hood that you will need, let’s by ending that in order to find the best range hood, we recommend paying more attention to performance than to design.