Do Range Hoods Have To Be Vented Outside Proper Guide

Nowadays, a question trending on the internet is, do range hoods have to be vented outside? A range hood is available in two types in the market, one is ducted, and the other is ductless.

Before buying the range hood, many things to consider. The most important decision is the ductwork. Some hoods are duct they need to the outside (ducted range hoods), while some of them don’t need ductwork (ductless range hoods).

do range hoods have to be vented outside

A ductless range hood doesn’t have to be vented outside, while a duct almost needs a vent. People preferred a ducted range hood over a ductless range hood because they remove all the smoke & cooking from the kitchen even in your entire home. But a ductless range hood just recirculates the cooking smoke & fumes back into the kitchen.

A gas stove produces a lot of heat & harmful air particles, so we recommend you a venting hood over the gas stoves to the outside. An electronic stove doesn’t have as much power as compared to a gas stove, you can use a ventless hood in most cases.

Our expert team recommended ducted hoods because they are vented to the outside, which helps us to protect you and your family members. With the help of these hoods, you can create a free-pollutant environment.

A range hood has filters, which are designed to capture all the greases, smoke, and debris, and remove them to prevent them from getting into the ventilation system. Without these hood filters, particulates, greases, matter in smoke and other types of debris would build up in the air ducts.

Do range hoods have to be vented outside Buying & Guide

A range hood is a primary source for removing the heat from the kitchen area, as well as the lingering cooking odors from the stove when you are burning. However, install a vented or unvented range hood, it will depend on your needs.

Each and every range hood comes with its pros and coin, in this article you will look at the advantage and disadvantage of each of the range hoods & leaves you to make the most preferred choice.


When a factor makes the products it will issue its functionality, and that gives the guarantee works perfectly if you will maintain its different functions, then the products will go with high rank. This vented range hood give three functions in one package, like cleaning the harmful greases, removing unwanted air, and creating a cool environment in the kitchen.

On the other hand, a ductless range hood removes a lot of harmful air from the kitchen area and then recirculates the air into the kitchen while the harmful particles are trapped in wire gauges that are found in the blower.

Cost Effectiveness

A ducted range hood, sometimes known as a vented range hood is more economical when it comes to the use of the power. It has a fan that does not blow hard since it helps us to remove the grease from your kitchen.

When you prepare the food, it will pick the air by the blower directed from the outside in the house, and a new fresh & less humid air is let in. Most of the air directs itself to the outside, therefore the range hood fan needs less blowing. That is why translates into some savings as far as utility bills are concerned.

An unvented or sometimes often called ductless range hood has a fan that compels a lot of blowing to clean the grease particles and then recirculate them back into the kitchen. Nowadays a new technology has grown up with ductless range hoods, that don’t need as much blowing.


A ducted range hood is definitely more inconvenient since it needs a piping system in place for it to direct the heat out of the home. This can be slightly difficult for a kitchen in a condo or in an apartment. The entire apartment has to be fitted through the duct, which may pass inside the ceiling or the walls.

You need to place your range hood & stove below just where you want to pass the duct. It is so much inopportuneness especially when you have to do some arraignments in the kitchen to fit your needs or even if you have a limited kitchen space.

On the other hand, a ductless range hood is very straightforward for every type of kitchen arrangement & size. It can be installed in every apartment or condo kitchen and you don’t have to worry about the space in your kitchen area. It can be placed just under the cabinet to maximize the space.


A vented range hood doesn’t need maintenance frequently. It will be a concern for it can go for quite a several years without a need to repair it. The major challenge that you’ll face with a ducted range hood will be so hard during installation. After which, you will not be needed to keep changing the filters.

In this variance, a ductless range hood will need a lot of maintenance since the filter has to replace regularly. Otherwise, you can remove the filters & clean them in the dishwasher to get rid of the grease particles.

In this case, there is no type of range hood among these two, it can be said to be perfect. Each has its pros & cons. The choice to make for your kitchen will be determined by what you are looking forward to achieving in your kitchen.


As we already discuss “do range hoods have to be vented outside”, a range hood without a duct never goes through the smoke, greases, fumes, oil, and other harmful air outside of the kitchen.

Although, you can clean your kitchen efficiently to buy a vented range hood, rather than a ductless range hood because a ductless range hood recirculates the harmful air inside the kitchen, and it can cause to create different diseases.

So our expert team recommends you get a ducted range hood, the installation is difficult, but it works efficiently and it can go for a long time. So to protect your own health, a homeowner should avoid incorrectly ducted range hoods.

If you vented incorrectly a range hoods they can cause harmful particulates into the home interior air and may cause health problems. Mostly a ducted range hood does like in U.S states.

I hope you’ll understand about a vented/ ducted range hood, why they need to be outside, and which one is the best to select, each and everyone is explained in this article, I hope you will appreciate my team and get more ideas from here.